You will need
  • - Agreement of purchase and sale;
  • - credit agreement.
If bought on credit the item is broken, contact service center. Warranty the seller bears regardless of how the item was purchased. If you have received the conclusion "beyond Repair", then immediately start the return procedure.
Read your loan agreement and find a telephone "hot line" of the Bank. Call and explain the situation. Inform that you want to return the item. The Bank must give you the consent to this operation. Sometimes it is sufficient notice of a Bank employee working in a particular outlet.
The store where you purchased the product, write a Declaration of avoidance of the contract of purchase and sale. As confirmation of the legitimacy of their claims, provide a statement from the service center. If you used a credit scheme with an initial payment, the amount you must return within ten days.
The remaining amount will be refunded by the seller to the Bank. Write a statement on early termination of the credit agreement. To make it you will help the Bank's employees working in the store or in its branch. The reason for the closure of the loan should be the termination of the contract of purchase and sale.
If you don't want to mess with paperwork and able to repay the loan according to the contract, do not demand termination of the contract of purchase and sale. Ask them to change you the goods on analogue. In fact, you will receive a new product to replace damaged. This procedure usually takes less than an hour.
Remember that you will not be refunded the money that you spent on payment of interest to the Bank. This is another reason why it makes more sense to require replacement of the goods.