First and foremost, you should remember that all the parts of the phone, in the box, and the box itself, the warranty furnished with the purchase and the cash receipt must be on hand, otherwise you may not be able either to exchange the phone for another unit or return the money, for it spent. Keep them for the entire warranty period.
One of the most popular is the option in which your phone is OK, but for some reason, inconvenient to use or does not correspond to the declared characteristics. In this case, you have a month from the date of purchase to bring mobile to the storewhere you bought it. Keep in mind that the device must be fully functional, have no visible or internal damage. In addition to the telephone, bring all the accessories that were with him, as well as a warranty, receipt and your passport. Write an application for refund or for exchange for a different model, stating the reason. The most common practice is to refund, then you will be able to purchase a new model.
In case of detection of small manufacturing defects defect manifested within one month from the date of purchase, you can return the phone. Of course, marriage is not considered damage to the phoneresulting from careless exploitation – the consequences of falling on a hard surface and punch, and the effects of contact of the apparatus with water. You may encounter the reluctance of the seller to take the phone back, as it is a technically complex product, but in this case it is not. Phone is deemed technically complex goods only in case of full health, that is, in this case, you must return the full amount or exchange for a similar product.
If your claim arose in full compliance with the rules of operation, but more than a month from the date of purchase, you can return the phone only when he has already been to the warranty service center, but the failure continued to occur. It is useful to remember that careless handling of the phone, as well as independent operations with IOS can automatically void your warranty, so if any kind of problems your first action should be to visit an authorised service centre.