You will need
  • - a statement in the prescribed form;
  • filled to the seventh paragraph of the attestation sheet;
  • - portfolio of work.
If you are going to attestats on the first or highest category, you need to write a statement in the prescribed form (a sample can be taken from the Director of the institution). If you already have a category, submit the application no later than 3 months before the expiry of the previous voluntary certification (not to be without a category assignment).
Please include the certification sheet must be completed before the seventh paragraph inclusive. In addition, you need a portfolio of your professional achievements. It is possible to present to the Commission either at the time of filing the application or within one month thereafter.
Independently or with the assistance of the school administration give the collected package of documents to the attestation Commission of your subject of Federation. In Moscow, for example, it is the Moscow center for educational rights, located at Bolshaya the December, 9.
The Commission within one month shall consider the application and appoint the date, time and place of attestation. In this case, the teacher may not be present at the Commission meeting, as it will represent his work.
For passing of procedure of confirmation of position teachers do not need to write any statement. The Director of the institution prepares the representation for each teacher and a month before certification and bringing it to the teacher under the signature of the latter.
A month before the start of certification the Director shall bring to the attention of teachers information about the date, time and venue. Mandatory certification for confirmation of qualification takes place in the form of a written test on issues associated with the teaching profession. Can be applied the method of computer testing to determine the degree of knowledge of modern educational methods.