To begin the process of preparing for certification, you must have a University degree in specialty "Teacher of preschool institutions".
Write a statement of the established sample. To it attach a photocopy of appraisal sheet of the previous certification. Complete the new attestation sheet.
Arrange your portfolio with the following sections: evaluation of results of certification in five years, the results of the participation in methodological work, analysis of current documentation.
Analyze literature to pass the oral interview. This includes regulatory instruments on preschool education, pedagogy, psychology.
Select and analyze the topic for the open classes for preschool children, pick up necessary supplies and materials.
To gain access to the certification you are required to complete courses in computer technology. The results also attached to the packet.
Make a self-analysis activities, and all the documents pass to the representative of the Department of education in your area, and he, in turn, shall transmit them to the regional operator technical expertise. After that your documents fall in the attestation Commission. Thus, the Commission evaluates you as a result of such events: interview (preliminary questions are offered for review); the protection of the abstract, methodical planning, programmes, work experience, thematic plans, etc.; self-analysis of the results of the work over the last few years; open class; creative report; participation in contests and methodical work in preschool institutions and the district.
Based on the assessment results, you will receive a confirmation of skill level, or increase.