You will need
  • - A4 sheet;
  • - handle;
  • computer.
The CCC considers disputes about changing the terms of the agreement on the use of leave, remuneration, disciplinary action, and others.
Contact the CCC at the expiration of three months from the date of violation of your rights. If you will submit a statement later, the Board rejects your requirements. CCC can restore a missed deadline if the reason for missing is valid.
To appeal to a Commission to write a statement. "Hat" statements start with the words: "In the Commission on labour disputes". Specify the name of the organization. Write your name and title, occupation, place of work, address and telephone number.
In the narrative statements describe the essence of the dispute. Explain why you believe that to you was violated labor laws. Refer to the regulatory legal acts, local normative acts, the employment contract. Give the explanations of the witnesses.
In a pleading. just tell us your requirements. Start with the word PLEASE. For example, ask the requirement for disciplinary action to invalidate. To recover from the employer in your favor compensation for moral damage. Specify the exact amount.
Attach to the application the documents necessary to confirm the circumstances of the case: a copy of employment contract, copy of employment record, a copy of the certificate of service, copies of orders indicating the violation of your rights.Mark the date and signature decryption.
Write the statement in duplicate. One – with the registration mark of the KTS – Express yourself, give another to the Commission. The CCC is required to consider the application within 10 days. If the application will not be processed in time, may apply to the court. Also in the court of the place of residence of the defendant can appeal a decision of a labour disputes Commission within ten days since its delivery.