Advice 1: How to write a letter of justices of the peace

To appeal to the world court to protect their interests today may apply to any citizen without having to arrange for such treatment with the help of experienced lawyers. Since the procedure of appeal to the courts of first instance is simplified to ensure the availability of controversial issues in a simplified manner. Most important is the right to make a claim statement in accordance with current legislation.
How to write a letter of justices of the peace
Chapeau take to fill the initial details. In the top right of the A4 sheet write the name of the court, which will be submitted for the consideration of your statement. Here specify the surname, name, patronymic, address of the defendant, and then plaintiff. In this part it is recommended to specify and price the claim (claim amount).
The main part of start by placing the title of the document in the center of the sheet "Claim statement". And immediately beneath it a brief summary judge of the case format the "what". Next give details of the case describing the circumstances that led to infringement of legitimate interests of the plaintiff and was the basis for the appeal to the court of first instance. Based on your description of the situation, make a calculation that explains the amount of the claim proposed to be recovered.
In addition, part of the state the request to the court for satisfaction of your requests and list of requirements for the defendant, starting the description of the appeal to the judge with the word "Please".
In conclusion, write the word "Application" and list all related application documents confirming the justice of your requirements, and also required to the application according to the law the payment receipt of state duty and a copy of the complaint to the defendant.
Enter the date of the application and sign it, do not forget to specify the signature.
Don't forget that the statement to the magistrate you need to make a few copies (for the court, the defendant and private), to register in the office of the court as an incoming document and retain a copy with the note.
Useful advice
You can write a statement by hand, but it is better to make it into printed form, for readability, because judges too are not very easy to understand features of the handwriting of the plaintiff.

Advice 2 : How to make an application to magistrate

Institute of world judges can rely on expedited civil matters. With all the variety of reasons for treatment of claim a statement to the world to judge , there are rules of registration of such document, which should be strictly observed. This statement should contain some important points.
How to make an application to magistrate
You will need
  • Computer
  • Printer
Download, to start the sample application corresponding to the subject of your application by following the link given in the end of the article. After reviewing the sample, proceed with the preparation of their own claims, this is best done using a computer, typing text, and print two copies (for you and for the court). The law allows you to submit an application, and in writing, but you do not want to complicate the work of the magistrate, causing it to disassemble your handwriting characteristics.
The first three are compulsory to fill in the initial details. Start with specifying the destination is the name of the court, which will consider your claim. Next, write the surname, name and patronymic and place of residence of the plaintiff to individuals. Or full name and details of the company, if the plaintiff is a legal person. In the same format fill in the details of the defendant.
In addition, it is important to specify the amount of the claim.
Start filling out the content of the treatment guidance document name "statement of Claim", placing it in the center of the sheet. Directly beneath, place a brief description of the subject of the claim.
Now state the point clearly, describe the circumstances that caused the situation. List evidence supporting the validity of your requirements. Describe what exactly was infringed your interests, reinforcing their case with references to specific articles of existing legislation. The calculations, if necessary, justifying justice brought against the defendant the amounts of compensation.
Please inform us of your requirements Respondent, referring to the court to protect your rights and freedoms, starting with the phrase "Please".
In the final part of the statement of claim, list of documents (receipt of payment of the state fee, a copy of the claim, etc.) attached thereto as required by law. Date of making a claim, sign and specify in parentheses the last name.
Samples of statements by the magistrate. 1. The statement of claim about a recognition of use. 2. The statement of claim of exemption of property from arrest and exclusion from the inventory. 11. The statement about restoration of term for filing of a writ of execution for execution. 12. Request for issuance of a copy of the judgment. 13. Statement on the termination of the proceedings in connection with the rejection of the claim.
Useful advice
In some cases, you should apply to the district court, and in other cases, a claim must be submitted to the world court. The law enumerates a list of cases that the magistrate consider the statement of Claim in the magistrate's court and served in writing in compliance with the rules of the Civil procedure code. Unlike district courts, the world pay more attention to a substantive rather than formal side of the claim.
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