You will need
  • - list of teachers at the school;
  • - information about the selected form of attestation;
  • - statements by teachers on the certification.
Make a schedule of certification of teachers with prior certification. Schedule may change as the procedure is voluntary and the teacher may refuse to participate in it, or, on the contrary, some of the teachers consider it necessary to pass the assessment ahead of time with the aim to increase qualification category. But the schedule still needed that can plan and course training of teachers, and the qualifying events throughout the school year.
Acquaint teachers with the normative documents necessary for passing of procedure of certification. Tell us about innovations in force in the given academic year and also give advice on how to prepare certification materials to be checked by experts.
Create school expert Commission from among the teachers of the first and highest qualification categories for the internal assessment of their colleagues. For each teacher according to his specialty shall be not less than 3 experts. If such experts are not enough, contact the regional Department of education for appointment of teachers and other educational institutions.
Help every teacher who has put forward his candidacy for the attestation procedure to write a correct statement, because in this brief should be reflected and work in mittelstation period, and the achievements of the teacher as technician (participation in competitions, conferences, etc.), and the achievement of its students (participation in Olympiads, competitions, wins in them). At the preparatory stage, according to the statement, experts determine the ability of the teacher to the declared category.
Fill in the school area appraisals where reflect the date the order of certification of each teacher: when you need to apply, when and what the scoring events will be held when the scheduled review day.
Mark it down each certification event log attestation. Ask the teachers participating in these events, to sign that they have read (with the documents), participated (in consultation), filed, etc.
Invite each teacher to choose the form of the attestation: the presentation of the educational project, the analytical report, defense training program, presentation manuals, textbook, etc Form can also be individual or collective. When developing educational programs or educational institutions, its protection can be submitted for certification by a group of authors. Each teacher while protecting their part of the work.
Guide the teachers to design the presentation of their work and portfolio creation. The presentation will help to illustrate the essence of the works presented in the illustrations, the children's photographs, and will also help to facilitate the progress of the evaluation, if the report of the teachers will be built as a sequential file. Portfolio will help the experts to assess the achievements of the teacher in mittelstation period.