Advice 1: How to get category teacher

Our educational system is suffocating from a lack of good teachers. Young professionals do not know how to work with students, and teachers with experience are in crisis due to lack of time on a periodic retraining in connection with the ever-changing procedure for the implementation of educational activities. But, on the other hand, a teacher with category, not only better understands his subject, but also receives a significant premium to the traditionally meager wages. How do you get the category?
How to get category teacher
The application for recertification and category assignment the teacher takes the school administration. The application and necessary documents are available only in the regional Certification Commission. If you are not working more than 2 years in this school or are on maternity leave, then you set a schedule for completing certification.
All documents for certification and/or assignment of qualification category to be filled by the employer. If you combine work in several educational institutions, these documents can be issued and provide the Commission with several employers. The package of documents (a portfolio of the teacher) usually includes:
- a certified copy of your employment record book;
- a certified copy of your diploma (or secondary vocational)education;
- the characteristics of your place of work (or more), the results of the educational and extra-curricular activities;
- certificates of completion of the PDAs, and other types of education;
- information on the results of your previous certifications (copy).
Read the notice of your certification no later than a month before it started, and get information about the date and place and time of carrying out certification tests. Confirm in writing the fact of acquaintance.
If you don't have categories or you are coming to the end of the 5-year validity of the previous category then you can apply independently to the regional Certification Commission. You can apply only if previous certification has passed not less than 2 years, or you work in the same place also, at least 2 years.
Attach to the application a standard package of documents (portfolio) and list the results of the previous appraisals (if they were). Complete the new certification sheet to the paragraph specified in the rules of registration.
Please note that no later than a month you will have to get a notice certified by the members of the Commission, the date, place and time of the certification test.
The test takes place at the meeting of the Commission in the form of expertise and professional accomplishments of the teacher. If you want to attend this meeting, please indicate this in your application by assigning the category.
According to the results of testing the decision about assignment or refusal in the assignment of the category. The original appraisal sheet with the results of the test will be sent to the employer.
If you already have the "first" category, but you have been denied in assigning "higher", the action "first" is maintained until the prescribed deadlines.
You can appeal the decision of the Attestation Commission. Contact the provincial Department of education, the labor disputes Commission or the court. If you decided to go to court, then the application can be submitted within 3 months from the date of the decision by the Commission.

Advice 2: What you need for teacher certification for the highest category

One of the aspects of a teacher is certification. Her teachers undergo every five years. It allows you to get a higher category and salary increase.
What you need for teacher certification for the highest category

Mandatory and voluntary certification

The highest category, as the name implies, determines the absolute level teacher, not only his subject, but also teaching methods. From 1 January 2011 the new order of certification of pedagogical workers.

Currently, there are the first and highest qualification categories. Previously assigned to the second category, but in 2011 it turned into the compliance office. Every modern teacher should match the position. This is a mandatory certification. However, the certification on the first and highest category is a voluntary thing.

After two years in school a young teacher certified in compliance with the post, another two years may qualify for the first category. It will be valid for five years. After that, the teacher can either confirm this category or to apply for a higher category.

You should know that at such a high category certificate authorities at the level of subject of the Russian Federation.

Special attention portfolio

Preparation for attestation for the highest qualification category starts in advance. The teacher writes a statement on a prescribed model. After that the employer applies for a representation on the applicant category. In this document, the employer assesses in detail the competencies and skills of the teacher. In addition, the submission must contain information on the training courses the worker. Additionally, the view includes information about previous appraisals. A month before the attestation of the employer under the painting introduces the applicant in the highest category with the content of the submission.

An important point in the preparation for certification for the highest category is a compilation of a portfolio. There are certain rules to its content. Serves as the certification Commission together with the application or within a month after its submission. The certification Commission shall appoint a date, time and place of attestation.

Teachers should remember that without the first category, you cannot claim the higher. For the applicant in the highest category it is desirable to have in the portfolio of an article published in popular science publications, participation in contests, winners and prize-winners of Olympiads, etc.

Certification for the highest category is in the form of consideration of the submitted portfolio. In it the teacher will include their achievements and results in recent years. You should know that certification may take place without the direct participation of the teacher. He can write in the application for certification. According to the results, the Commission makes a decision, is assigned or not to the applicant. In case of refusal, the teacher has the right some time to re-apply or confirm the first category.
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