You will need
  • form appraisal sheet;
  • - handle;
  • - seal of the organization.
Prepare an appropriate form. Complete personal data of the appraisee officer and information about education.
If the form provided, on the basis of data from the workbook, add the sheet information on the work experience. Specify details of the position, specialty and qualifications at the time of certification.
After certification complete the portion of the form related to ongoing certification. Printed text, indicate the questions certified to the employee by an authorized member of the Commission and the answers recorded during certification.
Make results of certification – the Commission's decision and recommendations, as a rule, formulated by the Commission on the basis of voting in the absence of appraisee.
Sign the document, necessary signatures and seal. The document in prescribed form should be recorded the signatures of the Committee members present at the meeting and participated in voting, the painting specialist of the personnel Department and printing companies.
Familiarize the employee with the appraisee appraisal. The agreement with the data indicated on the form, the employee certifies painted in the appropriate column. In case of refusal of the employee to review the document, make a report, in which the fact of refusal shall be certified by several members of the Commission and the employee.