If you have decided that you will not hurt to be a little more affectionate with a guy, try to understand why you failed until now. What's stopping you to Express your feelings openly and directly? Maybe you held back some words or actions of a young man? Or the reason lies in you, your attitude to people in General? After analyzing the reasons for their behavior, think about how you can change. Like any woman, inside you are tender and gentle, and that means you should, most likely, to overcome the psychological ban on expressing their feelings.
You can try to talk with the guy and discuss your relationship. If he wanted you to behave differently? Or, maybe, it suits all, and you wonder "wind"? If he really doesn't like your isolation and coldness, he could Express their expectations and wishes.
To change something in your character can help a professional psychologist. Try together to understand the causes of nelaskovoe and to develop concrete ways your "fix", change the stereotype of your behavior.
Try to understand that everyone wants to hear nice and good words in the address, especially from a loving woman. And if you really appreciate the guy and want to be with him, recognize the fact that you need to change something. Keep in mind that flattery is unacceptable. It will look artificial and will most likely cause mistrust and will push away from you loved one.
Tender words men and women understand differently. All what is good for girls, guys can perceive incorrectly. Therefore, before something to tell, think. In the Russian language has enough words to Express my feelings. You can even grab a dictionary or to call for help of Internet to search appropriate.
In addition, consider the time and place when you are talking to a guy. Sweet words in bed, in the office or among friends may not be the same.
Try to monitor your speech and intonations. First, it is necessary to exclude rude language. If you want to say something sarcastic and caustic, keep yourself and do not be rude to. Secondly, you need to remove the command notes and be sure to soften, to make lower the tone of your voice.
If you have not showed that calf tenderness, try to start with one word you never spoke to your boyfriend. For example, "honey", "sweetheart", "I love you", etc. First, you want to do may be difficult.
Force yourself, practice alone, and in just a few days you get used to it. And then – enter into your vocabulary one more word, then another...
Usually people are more inclined to show affection to his brothers less. If possible, get yourself, for example, a kitten. View this cute, defenseless tiny creatures will almost certainly encourage you to say a kind word. Believe me: your guy deserves no less.
Affectionate and gentle girl look, not only by using some special words. This is reflected in their appearance. Pay attention to how you dress, what makeup prefer, and even what I paint my nails. Agree, what kind of woman vamp isn't really combined with the concept of female tenderness and vulnerability. Of course, it is possible that your guy likes it this way.