Advice 1: How to be affectionate with a guy

Most often women do not have to think about how to show affection and tenderness. On the contrary, sometimes guys are embarrassed by the violent manifestations of the feelings of their friends. But it happens so that girls, especially very young and inexperienced, uptight emotionally, impulsive and cutting. Psychologists believe that the reason for this nelaskovoe lies in the education of girls. But if desired it may change.
How to be affectionate with a guy
If you have decided that you will not hurt to be a little more affectionate with a guy, try to understand why you failed until now. What's stopping you to Express your feelings openly and directly? Maybe you held back some words or actions of a young man? Or the reason lies in you, your attitude to people in General? After analyzing the reasons for their behavior, think about how you can change. Like any woman, inside you are tender and gentle, and that means you should, most likely, to overcome the psychological ban on expressing their feelings.
You can try to talk with the guy and discuss your relationship. If he wanted you to behave differently? Or, maybe, it suits all, and you wonder "wind"? If he really doesn't like your isolation and coldness, he could Express their expectations and wishes.
To change something in your character can help a professional psychologist. Try together to understand the causes of nelaskovoe and to develop concrete ways your "fix", change the stereotype of your behavior.
Try to understand that everyone wants to hear nice and good words in the address, especially from a loving woman. And if you really appreciate the guy and want to be with him, recognize the fact that you need to change something. Keep in mind that flattery is unacceptable. It will look artificial and will most likely cause mistrust and will push away from you loved one.
Tender words men and women understand differently. All what is good for girls, guys can perceive incorrectly. Therefore, before something to tell, think. In the Russian language has enough words to Express my feelings. You can even grab a dictionary or to call for help of Internet to search appropriate.
In addition, consider the time and place when you are talking to a guy. Sweet words in bed, in the office or among friends may not be the same.
Try to monitor your speech and intonations. First, it is necessary to exclude rude language. If you want to say something sarcastic and caustic, keep yourself and do not be rude to. Secondly, you need to remove the command notes and be sure to soften, to make lower the tone of your voice.
If you have not showed that calf tenderness, try to start with one word you never spoke to your boyfriend. For example, "honey", "sweetheart", "I love you", etc. First, you want to do may be difficult.
Force yourself, practice alone, and in just a few days you get used to it. And then – enter into your vocabulary one more word, then another...
Usually people are more inclined to show affection to his brothers less. If possible, get yourself, for example, a kitten. View this cute, defenseless tiny creatures will almost certainly encourage you to say a kind word. Believe me: your guy deserves no less.
Affectionate and gentle girl look, not only by using some special words. This is reflected in their appearance. Pay attention to how you dress, what makeup prefer, and even what I paint my nails. Agree, what kind of woman vamp isn't really combined with the concept of female tenderness and vulnerability. Of course, it is possible that your guy likes it this way.

Advice 2 : How to be affectionate

The tenderness is an advantage of the women, as well as the masculinity and strength of men. It is not necessary to assume someone else's role and "take who" alone. Be a real woman, and allow yourself to relax and to provide right to act the man. For this he will need to caress and gentle kiss, to maintain harmony and balance in relationships.
How to be affectionate
Gentle words, tender touches and loving looks – all men are willing to accept from the woman around the clock. Often the girl stopping to show affection to her upbringing. If she was a child was deprived of affection and received no example of such behavior from the mother, it is difficult to understand the relationship itself.
Get yourself some animal - you will come up with a lot of tender words, calling the pet "Musya-pusya", "Bunny" and other similar names. Your gestures and touching the pet will be gentle and touching. All this you can easily apply to the man.
Remember that you create your world, your relationship and bear responsibility for them. If you decide to be tender and gentle, looking for a strong man able to defend and protect this fragile girl. It is difficult to cultivate these qualities, having limp and weak partner. In this case, you will get the ability to be strong and courageous.
Affectionate girl and apparently needs to conform to the feminine image. Wear romantic dresses and skirts in pastel tones. Shoes should be elegant with thin straps and heel. The fabric of your clothes should be soft and pleasant to the touch.
Don't do aggressive makeover with long glossy arrows and bright vivid eye shadow. Instead of lipstick use "delicious" Shine. Care for face and body. Because caress is necessary so that your touch was like the light wing strokes of a butterfly.
Love the person next to you, then you won't look for a reason for affection. Do not leave for a long time to get used to living without tenderness and romantic evenings together.
Take a look at some famous melodramas about a tender and reverent love, to learn to be affectionate with a partner. Read the verses and touching tale classics.

Advice 3 : How to be affectionate and gentle

Women often have to bear on your fragile shoulders home life, career, and juggle between life challenges and remain beautiful, feminine and sensual. However in the tense bustle of everyday life to make it seem. Sensitivity and softness go by the wayside, leaving instead the strength of character and coldness of feelings. How to learn to be gentle and delicate in the modern world?
How to be affectionate and gentle
Watch your appearance, it needs to be soft and gentle. Elegant dresses, exquisite accessories, makeup, hairstyle – all this will emphasize your femininity and add a touch of lightness and coquetry. Often come to the mirror and remember that you are a woman – beautiful and moving creation.
Let your man to feel support and protection for you. Do not take all problems and solutions for themselves. Create the impression of a fragile woman that needs a man's attention and assistance.
Most show their love and affection towards the man. Don't skimp on the kind and affectionate words. Pay attention to his speech. Harsh language and raised tone is not for women. Stop command.
Relax and enjoy life. This will help to focus on their natural feminine feelings, to develop softness. Enjoy the sensations, e.g., solar light or the aroma of fragrant tea.
Try before bed to think about something pleasant. Often playing in your mind "sweet" moments that bring pleasure to your body and soul.
Try to understand that before prevented you from being more tender and affectionate with your loved ones. Analyze the situation and your reaction to them. Maybe you should change your attitude.
Remember that you are a woman, and engage in heavy physical labor is a man. Do not move independently of gravity and do not do a man's job. If necessary, ask for help. Take care of your female health.
If you don't have a life partner, get yourself a puppy or kitten. The vulnerability and fragility of these creatures will cause you a lot of gentle and tender feelings. Take care of it and soon will feel softer to the world.
In an extreme case, consult a psychologist. It will help you understand your "unfriendly" behavior and correct it. Because the feelings train. It is only a matter of time and awareness of themselves as women.

Advice 4 : Affectionately called the guy

Girls are inherently more gentle creatures than young men. Partly this is reflected in the habit of some young ladies to give affectionate nicknames to their elected representatives. Like this if you have guys and what affectionate names should I use?
Affectionately called the guy
At a time when the girl and guy start Dating, huge value can have every little thing. We should not think that the boys are less than girls, tend to pay attention to the various nuances of the behavior of his lady. Young people notice everything: how I looked, how he smiled, what was your reaction to a particular phrase. Often girls admit the same mistake: waiting to hear from a guy warm words in the address, for some reason, I can't say such words to him.

Do kind words guys?

Care and affection is a necessary element of a truly warm and trusting relationships. As the saying goes, women love with their ears, but they are not alone. The vast majority of young people want to a girlfriend addressed to him not only by name, but used in conversation, some kind words. It can make relationships a certain element of novelty and make them closer.
Of course, not every young person would like to have a girl called him with friends or relatives, for example, "kitty". Affectionate nicknames is quite intimate appeal, which will be much more appropriate in those moments when the lovers are alone.

Affectionately called the guy?

As a gentle treatment can be used the diminutive version of the name of the young man. For example, if a guy named Maxim, the girl can call him max, Maxie, and even Maksyusha. You need to select the sound name that excites both lovers.

Not all men like the use of words like Bunny, bear, pupienus, fatty and the like. However, if your young man had no objection to the use of such a gentle definition, then why not?

Most often, a man is thrilled when the girl, telling him gentle words, at the same time highlights some of its strengths. Examples of these affectionate names - "my hero!", "my soldier!" and the like. It is possible to simultaneously hint at the furious temper of the young man, languidly whispered in his ear "my tiger!" or "my stallion!". It flatters the ego of the guy, and he definitely will not want to part with the girl that can give him the opportunity to feel so special. This way she will increase self-esteem of a young man and at the same time, will make relations between them more sturdy.

Advice 5 : As you can affectionately call your boyfriend

Loved ones need to be pampered not only things and their behavior, but with gentle words. Guys want to feel the love of his girlfriend. Affectionate nicknames is a direct manifestation of sympathy and respect. It would be better to give dear people with pleasant words.
As you can affectionately call your boyfriend

I love you guys

All the boys need love. They love it when you thank them, appreciate. It is important to be able to find the words to celebrate the success of your men. Secure affectionate words or phrases that the little guy wins.

Do not spare words that Express feelings for him, but should comply with the measure. Only one sentence the girl can inspire a man or Vice versa. Gentle words and phrases can be accompanied by touching, hugs, kisses - it will fix them and they will be heard and understood much better the favorite.

Call gentle words can suddenly: boys like girls love surprises. You need to do it more often. You should learn to understand the partner, to understand his mood. With time to feel and at what point would love to hear favorite people.

In a moment of intimacy, do not forget from time to time affectionately called boyfriend. Believe me, it will be appreciated.

The dignity of man is his strength and reliability. That is why you should tell your loved that you followed him as behind a stone wall and that he for you support and protection from all troubles. Let your beloved understand that this person is indeed worthy of the title "man".

Sweet words for her beloved boyfriend

We must not forget to say compliments and nice phrase beloved people. There are many different words from which to choose for your Beau. For romantic guys fit more affectionate nicknames. Among which, "gentle", "romantic", "cute". A lot of guys like when you see their courage and strength. And it is possible to emphasize certain words: "hero", "favorite" defender".

Note the appearance of a young man. With it you can also associate compliments or some interesting nicknames. If the guy is intelligent and versatile, you can choose words like: "brilliant", "delightful", "wonderful".

When a young man does a lot for you and shows his love, must give him your tender words and called: "helpful", "caring", "loving".

There are many cool, gentle sayings, from which you can choose the most suitable for your guy. For example: "Bunny", "kitten", "honey", "fish", "knapik", "sweetie". Suitable such nicknames as "perfect", "unique", "mysterious", "talented".

Don't be afraid to experiment and come up with a really original nickname. Believe me, your guy is so creativity will be appreciated.

Advice 6 : What sweet words to say to a girl

If there is a real feeling, quivering and beautiful, called love, I want to make beautiful everything that relates to the subject of love, including the words addressed to her. But what to say what to call his beloved, to give her pleasure is sometimes the cause of the problem.
What sweet words to say to a girl

Attention to the voice

It is believed that the woman likes ears. This means that it is very important for what she says and how. Before to find the right words, pay attention to your voice, its timbre and intonation. How kindly he sounds? After all, intonation is the first thing any person perceives while interacting, and then begins to listen to the meaning.

To be initially confident in the warm feelings of a young man, a girl needs to hear in every phrase directed to her, love, care, attention and tenderness. The sharpness, coldness and even friendly tone can make her doubt your feelings.


Of course, the girlfriend I want to compliment, and it should be done. She will be pleased to hear that you appreciate it, recognize its advantages. But compliment compliment strife.

Duty avoid hackneyed phrases like "You look great today". And remember that a compliment is more valuable than it sounds trivial for your favorite. For example, if everyone recognizes her brilliant mind and extraordinary business acumen, make a compliment about her appearance – she will appreciate it. As the owner of a beautiful long legs and gorgeous figure tell her she's got an amazing radiant, intelligent eyes.

Then you notice a girl, surely she knows. Of course, your compliment will make her nice, but will not become valuable and exceptional. If you would notice any dash, not seen the others, but dear and sweet to you, she will make sure that your relationship with her is very special.

Kind words

Sometimes you want to call your girlfriend not just in name, but some kind word. Only here what? Listen to your intuition. Gentle words that you will select for your sweetheart, you can tell a lot about the true nature of your feelings.

Bunny, Bunny, Bunny, bug, and other variations on the theme of the name of this animal suggests that the girl for you – especially desirable as an erotic object. Think about whether you are interested in it as a person?

Pussy, Cat, Kitten – is also the name of soft and furry animal, but the implication is different. In addition to the sensory component is respect and interest in the spiritual world girls – not for nothing the cat is considered to be one of the most mysterious animals.

Fish, my Fish, my Fish. Caught fish – a great success, and relationships, these are valuable and significant. But, in addition, fish is associated with something cold and slippery. Perhaps the girl did not reciprocate fully.

Musya, Pusey and other "kindergarten" babble says more about your attitude to his love for the game. Fun, cute, but then either the game will grow into something more serious, or end.

Candy, Bun, Dumpling and other words usually addressed the girls with a gentle nature and kind of curvy. If you dream that your girlfriend little, it is not so called – such nicknames only encourage her to stay chubby.

The sun, the Sun – it is commonly called, who is the center of the world, the main figure in your life, something very valuable and meaningful. If you always want to call a friend of the Sun, it is worth considering what areas of my life, but love, you do not have enough well-being.

Non-standard nicknames. There are words that no one but you would call your favorite, and you do another girl so unlikely to be called. Usually these nicknames have their own little story, known only to you two, and, therefore, very valuable and interesting.

In any case, how would you call your favorite, most importantly, she is also the nickname seemed cute, funny and nice.
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