Watch your appearance, it needs to be soft and gentle. Elegant dresses, exquisite accessories, makeup, hairstyle – all this will emphasize your femininity and add a touch of lightness and coquetry. Often come to the mirror and remember that you are a woman – beautiful and moving creation.
Let your man to feel support and protection for you. Do not take all problems and solutions for themselves. Create the impression of a fragile woman that needs a man's attention and assistance.
Most show their love and affection towards the man. Don't skimp on the kind and affectionate words. Pay attention to his speech. Harsh language and raised tone is not for women. Stop command.
Relax and enjoy life. This will help to focus on their natural feminine feelings, to develop softness. Enjoy the sensations, e.g., solar light or the aroma of fragrant tea.
Try before bed to think about something pleasant. Often playing in your mind "sweet" moments that bring pleasure to your body and soul.
Try to understand that before prevented you from being more tender and affectionate with your loved ones. Analyze the situation and your reaction to them. Maybe you should change your attitude.
Remember that you are a woman, and engage in heavy physical labor is a man. Do not move independently of gravity and do not do a man's job. If necessary, ask for help. Take care of your female health.
If you don't have a life partner, get yourself a puppy or kitten. The vulnerability and fragility of these creatures will cause you a lot of gentle and tender feelings. Take care of it and soon will feel softer to the world.
In an extreme case, consult a psychologist. It will help you understand your "unfriendly" behavior and correct it. Because the feelings train. It is only a matter of time and awareness of themselves as women.