Remember that the outcome of your communication with a girl depends on what you say and how you do it. Don't lie to the girl – she will feel your insincerity and it will push her away.
Be yourself – don't try to show yourself to those who you are not. Conquer the girl of his naturalness.
Be confident – insecure men push away girls, because they can not rely on them. Be assertive in a measure, give the girl to understand that you are a reliable and purposeful person. In addition, she must feel that you are interested in not only her body but also her soul, take a sincere interest in her inner world, concerns, passions and feelings.
Listen to what she tells you without interrupting and demonstrate their full part in its Affairs. The girl must feel that you are able to understand it.
Besides, the girl will subconsciously feel kinship with you, if you will repeat her gestures, articulation and facial expressions. People always find particularly attractive those partners who are similar to them.
Pay attention to the sensual and interested sight – see the girl in the eye, and also try to look into the distance and then to focus on the interviewee, so that the pupils are dilated, and the sight was even more exciting.
If communication will go far enough, it's a good idea to invite a girl to a romantic dinner at home. Prepare an appropriate atmosphere for girls arrange a candlelit dinner, show your attention and tact. Girls appreciate men who are able to create a romantic atmosphere. Try to do everything to cause the girl's trust and her gratitude.
From verbal communication to gradually move bodily from time to time touching the girl's hands, bonding with her, and then, the growth of mutual trust, increase your touch. Let the girl feel that you care. Avoid harshness and rudeness in dealing with a girl – be careful and gentle. If you follow these rules, she willingly wishes to return a sense.