First of all, don't be upset, and even more depressed. The fact is that men and women are completely differently arranged. No, we are not talking about anatomical differences, and psychological, due to the fundamentally different balance of hormones.
Firmly remember: it is pointless to expect a young man of the same conduct, which would be natural for other women. This is a serious error. Men are much less emotional, therefore, they almost do not attach importance to those things that are so important for the lovers of girls. There are rare exceptions, of course, but do not change the overall picture.
"Hint, hint, almost in the open..." is another one girl. It was necessary not to imply angry at his slowness, and frankly, what you expect from him. Well, is it hard to say something like: "Honey, I feel so good when you tell me tender words, or gently stroking my hair, I'm just thrilled with happiness!" Remember: your beloved's telepathic thoughts can not read. And all the strange, unsaid its just annoying. Just a few words – and you will save both of you from unnecessary worries and hassle. Arguments like: "I wish he guessed!" is simply not serious. In the end, the guy also does not require girls to she correctly guessed what he was thinking.
Finally, don't forget to get something from the other, and we need him to give something back. Unfortunately, there are situation when a girl expects from a guy tenderness, compliments, assurances of passion, the signs of attention, and she is a miser and good word, and praise. This borders on selfishness. In the end, the weaker sex supposed to be more emotional. Show affection to your boyfriend and he will surely answer you the same.