Advice 1: How to meet a girl with a girl

Same-sex love in our time no surprise. Let the older generation still refers to this misunderstanding, however, present something abnormal not think so. Many girls want same-sex relationships not only because of the physical thrust, and to enhance the intimate experience, as well as during the formation of sexual preferences.
How to meet a girl with a girl
Soft lips, soft curves, and beautiful hair of the lady is a typical dream of any guy. However, today not only representatives of a strong half of mankind to gravitate toward beautiful women. Girls are also not averse to tie each other relationship. This is done for several reasons: a fad, a desire to try something unknown, thrust physiology. Anyway, and the need for women Dating is the place to be! Where to find a beautiful, clever, and just the girl liking the same girl?

The right approach to search

The easiest way is to join a specific circle. Today there are several youth subcultures, among which are welcomed same-sex relationships: emo, goth, Celestia – main among them. The problem is that the overwhelming majority of those in these movements – people to 20 years. Very often they consider themselves bisexual because of the desire to become independent, to show their awareness of the forbidden things, and to resist the onslaught of parents.

More than others prone to bisexuality girls who suffered through the unfortunate experience of heterosexual relationships. Such ladies sitting on niche sites, go to certain clubs and otherwise show his distaste for the men. To find a girl in this case is quite simple – one only has to enter the right query in a search engine, and all places of abode, of women gay will be available.

Happy case

Many girls are looking for Dating with their gender not only because of the desire to fool around, but also to create strong relationships. Such a desire is due to physiological characteristics. The rejection of the opposite sex and attraction to her is not uncommon. However girls with this feature, it is not always advertise. What makes them beloved in such a case? Coincidence.

To meet a girl for a relationship may be at work, with friends, and even on the concert of your favorite band. The fact is that the sooner you start up a conversation with any of you special, the sooner you will learn what it orientation. It is the traditional way of Dating provides the good development of strong relationships even bisexual couples. The main thing is to keep a distance and not scare her of his intentions. It is impossible to press and immediately to insinuate to introduction as soon as possible turned into a more intimate direction. It is possible that over time, the girl will see you as not just a girlfriend but a love partner.

Advice 2 : How to meet dream girl

Some guys are easy to meet with girls and others, even to ask directions from a stranger can't. And it's not that these others have flaws in appearance or poor. Just the first know how to get acquainted and second to none.
How to meet dream girl

What girls like

Girls in guys love two things – confidence and perseverance (not to be confused with obsession). Guys who are confident in themselves seem to radiate power, and women love strong men.
If the guy is shy, then he simply is not interested in the opposite sex. A lack of confidence repels girls. If you come to ask directions, and when this blush and mumble, then what would there be?

Dream girl

What is she, the girl of your dreams? In order to get to know her, you need to create an image of your dreams and then to find him. Identify the traits that should have the girl of your dreams, its appearance, what talents she should have, etc. Just remember that the image must correspond to the reality.

To make it easier, write down on paper all the qualities that should be possessed by the girl. Then cross out those which, in your opinion, can be neglected. Leave all 5 qualities that your dream girl should have necessarily. There are no perfect people, forcing themselves into the rigid framework of his fantasies, you run the risk of never finding the girl of your dreams.

Where to meet

Dream girl can meet anywhere – in cafes, in the Park, in a nightclub, even on the escalator in the metro or route taxi. Don't miss the opportunity. Of course, first you navigate to the appearance, and only then recognize her character. But without mistakes there are no results.

If you can't approach a girl on the street and get to know, use Dating sites or social networks. Easier to write than to say. In addition, in the correspondence you will learn the qualities of her personality, and will be able to decide whether it suits you or not.

Like to meet you

If you saw the girl of his dreams in a public place:

- set with her eye contact. Before you approach, look her in the eye from a distance. If she responds to you, then it is a favorable sign. If the girl sight avoids, then the odds are not too great. It is better to pay attention to someone more sociable.

- smile. If the answer to the smile received, no options – walk to get acquainted.

come and say Hello. The worst thing that can happen is failure. Failure should not be afraid, you're not going to kill or cripple.

On the Internet to meet people a lot easier. Moreover, the questionnaire is shown dragging girls and even given its characteristics. Another question, believe it or not.

Write like a girl. It is not so difficult as to approach. Probably will tell you. To test her character, find a couple of psychological tests and gradually ask her questions from it. Then just go for it with these tests. A way to find out the girl is not the best but the easiest.

If you like to chat with a girl, it's time to meet in reality. Invite her to the cinema/café/Museum/theater. If she refuse, without serious reasons, be wary there's a catch.

Another way to meet your dream girl through mutual friends. But here you almost nothing depends is the most important thing to talk to her.

Advice 3 : How to get acquainted with a girl

Do you like a girl. But you know her level "hi-bye", i.e. you say Hello in passing, but never communicate. You don't know how to approach her, you think she's too out of reach for you. In fact, a common language with any person. If you put a little extra effort, you will not only get to know her better, but to have a great relationship.
How to get acquainted with a girl
Before you start Dating, work on yourself. Tidy up your appearance. It concerns not only clothes, shoes and hairstyles, but the shape. You must be attractive young man that the girl wanted to be with you.
Pay attention to how you communicate. Try to speak politely and nicely. Learn not to worry while chatting with strangers. Read books, develop thinking. You will need to interest the object of your sympathy, so you need to be comprehensively developed person.
So, are you ready for a close acquaintance. If you are studying with this girl in the same school or College, find mutual friends. Find out from them what she likes to do, maybe she has some kind of hobby. For example, if she plays volleyball, sign up for these classes and go there together. It will be interesting to communicate with a guy who enjoys what she does. So gradually you can get closer.
If her hobby is not suitable to you in spirit, don't despair. Find out what kind of movies she prefers. Girls love confident guys, so just invite her to the movies at the first meeting. Tell me that already bought tickets and would not survive failure. Promise that she will not regret about spent time.
If this plan doesn't work, find her profile on the social network. Add friends and start with it to correspond. First gently, and then more often. Try to make friends with her via the Internet. Chat with her on the pleasant topic and, seizing the opportune moment, ask her phone number. Already on the phone, invite her out to meet.
When you start to communicate with this girl, ask her various questions. But only do this carefully so she didn't think she was in on the interview. Ask about her family, friends, Hobbies, favorite music, etc. So you know what it really is.
While Dating do not be nervous to create the most comfortable environment for both of you. Girl needs to relax, just so she can be herself. Tell her your kind words and compliments and she is always open to you my soul. Be sincere, tell about yourself only the truth, and you can quickly get to know each other.
Useful advice
Never tell the girl about your ex. Do not discuss it with other people, not tittle-tattles and do not complain about life. You must be the guy she's going to be great to spend free time.
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