If after delivery you are going to go to work, remember that in addition to a spouse, labour law, maternity leave can take place also on grandmother, grandfather or other relatives – if they will actually take care of a baby. They will also receive a monthly "child" allowance. But only if had a formal source of income.
If you plan to make monthly payments to the child at the place of work of the husband, the wife will have to quit my job. In a pinch, you can go to the service, but not for a full working day – so as not to lose child benefit. Therefore, this option is advantageous only in case, if the father earns much less mother. If your spouse is arranged informally and receives the salary "in an envelope", according to the labour law, he is considered unemployed. And, consequently, cannot count on a monthly "children's" benefits, no leave to care for a child.
Take at work (or studying) a certificate, that you work or study, and that leave to care for a child you are granted. Also need help on that you do not receive a monthly child allowance. If you do not study and do not work, the certificate is in regional management of social protection.
A spouse writes a statement that he wanted to go on leave on care of the child until the child reaches one and a half years. Generally, labor law allows sit with the baby for up to three years. But the allowance is paid only to one and a half. After that, monthly charges a small amount – about two hundred rubles.
The application for leave, your certificate and birth certificate of the child the husband should give to the HR Department at work. Then in accounting it will calculate the monthly benefit. It comprises about 40% of his average salary.