You will need
  • passport, medical certificate, birth certificate of the baby
If you are a working mom, to obtain the position you maternity allowance please contact the accounting Department or the personnel Department of the company where you are employed. To make money payments and to leave you at 30-week pregnancy. Before this visit the women's clinic, where you will be given sick leave of the established sample.
To design maternity allowance write the corresponding application addressed to the head of the organization and provide the accountant or the HR staff sick leave. This is enough to ensure that you could receive a lump sum payment. If necessary, enclose a photocopy of your passport, INN, pension insurance certificate, if for any reason they will not be in your personal business.
After the birth of baby grant for a work copy and the original certificate of his birth. Write a statement on providing you a well-deserved holiday from a payment of monthly benefits. The amount of the benefit will depend on your income level over the last 2 calendar years. Payments will begin immediately after the expiration of your sick leave associated with pregnancy and the birth of a baby.
If you do not work anywhere, then by law you are only supposed to benefit the care of the baby up to 1.5 years, which you can get immediately after birth of the child if timely contact with the corresponding statement in the one stop shop. Present social worker, the passport, the birth certificate of the baby, the original employment record book, documents confirming your marital status. Also write in the application form.
You will be able to get child benefit until they reach 3 years old, if not released for any work. But after 1.5 years the amount of cash payments will be symbolic and will be only 50 rubles per month.