Reasons maternity leave out dad, it can be mass. Perhaps for the family budget economically advantageous to work mom, or a break on child care is detrimental to her career, or she is unable herself to care for the baby. In the end, dad can remain the child's only parent.
To resolve issues that arise in such situations, article 256 of the Labour code provides that parental leave to care for a child may be granted to the father and other relatives, actually caring.
To exercise this right primarily refer to the instruction manual of your company with a statement for you to leave to care for a child up to three years. In addition, prepare and give to the accounting documents:- application for appointment of benefits for child care;- birth certificate of the child and its copy;- birth certificate of previous children and their copies;- certificate of employment of the mother that she does not receive attendance allowance for the child, or her studies, if she is studying full-time.
Unemployed dad can also draw benefits – contact the social security authorities of the population. Documents will have to collect more to the above list, you need to add:- the reference from bodies of social protection of the population at the place of residence of the missing allowances if allowance is made not at the place of registration and place of actual residence;- copy of employment record; copy of passport;- certificate from the employment agencies, on the receipt of unemployment benefits.
Prepare this list of documents on the name of the mother, if she before the birth not worked or studied full-time. In addition, if one or both parents are self-employed, lawyers, notaries engaged in private or other practice, to take a certificate about receipt of benefits from the social insurance Fund.
In a situation when the mother was in holiday on care of the child, but was ill and not able to care for the baby, proceed as follows:- mother wrote a statement about the termination of leave to care for a child, if it is severe condition shall apply to the father; the father prepares leave his place of work, caring for a child and receives an allowance to care for them; the mother returns to work a piece of temporary disability and receives appropriate benefits.