On Friday, take a birch rod, put him on the threshold. Through this obstacle needs to take a step speaks. As soon as the cute crossed the coveted threshold, the twig hiding in a hot and dry place, saying: "As the twig this dries, let the servant of God (name) longing and pining for me, the servant of God (name)". Plot on a twig you need to say three times.
You need to take the same two wax candles and twist them together with the screw, saying: "Like a candle together Suite, I the servant of God (name) servant of God (name) is connected". Light candles before the image of a Saint and lit the wicks. Say the words: "Light a candle, and the heart of a servant of God (name)". The wicks need to burn nine times.
You need to purchase a small castle. Buying a lock for this plot, you can not stoop to bargaining, otherwise the ritual will be useless. Lock leave open and wait, when it will cross cute. After the lock is locked, saying: "Now, as the castle closed forever, as a servant of God (name) is connected to the handmaid of God (name) forever." The key should throw in any body of water where it will not be able to find. Charmed castle the girl should hide and store.
In the evening, getting ready for bed, she takes a crust of bread and begins to chew, uttering slander: "I, the servant of God (name) eat bread and gnawing, yearning eat, bite the servant of God (name). Forever and ever, Amen." During eating or drinking, a woman can say: "How to drink and eat I am the servant of God (name), so let the sadness eats the servant of God (name). Amen."