To fill a person's thoughts to him anyway. This can be done in different ways. Attack tactics is very effective. You can play a conflict situation, which will not leave people indifferent. But the main thing is not to overdo it, you can run into trouble. From love to hate one step, this statement works in reverse.

You can choose a different tactic. To surround the person with care and attention. Every day to surprise, to surprise, to arrange a meeting, write intriguing messages, to call before bedtime. After some time, develop into a habit, and it's morning will not be so bright without the wishes of a good day on the phone. You must do unto others as want them to treat you.

If you want to attract the attention of a complete stranger, the first step is to meet him. You can find out a common set of interests, more likely to catch his eye, to participate in joint activities to identify common acquaintances and friends and ask them to casually arrange a meeting. If all the above did not work, you should act openly: to get the phone number or directly talk to the person without any hesitation. Do not be afraid to take the first step towards the worst sorry about undone. What if this bold move will push for the development of relations.

After the encounter took place, it is necessary to get the man in turn. Should not be all obsessive, only to run into hostility and to destroy what has already been done. Possible should be with the person as much time as possible. Community classes, recreation and entertainment will help to find topics of conversation. You need to become an indispensable person that I remember when sad and happy when I want to go for a walk or to travel. It is important for a person to become a true friend who is always there no matter what.

If independently it is impossible to draw the gaze of man, you can resort to using magic. There are rites, otherwise they are called love spells. They are used when you want to inspire thoughts of man. It should already be obviously familiar with the man and when the ritual to be with him in the same room.