You will need
  • Female intuition charm and mystique of their Own lives
Men love to feel like conquerors. Some say hunters, but you're not prey! You are a woman, you want to achieve. Even if you are crazy about him – pull yourself together. Let him feel that his life is not enough, and not what you for him too much. He seeks to see you, to interest you in something unusual. He feels that he is able to keep you from any urgent cases to compete with someone or something. Even if you are not doing more than hypnotize the phone, waiting for him to call, let it will be secret. Give him a sense of victory, it will raise his self-esteem and "tie" to you, as to the source of that intoxicating feeling.
Show him that you have other interesting and rich life – friends, work, Hobbies. When he knows that he can at any time to call and ask "What are you doing?" and hear "nothing, waiting for you, he will not think that you are nobody and nothing but him is not necessary. He will think that you are not interesting and is not interested in anything. Why would he think – "And what is she doing right now?", if he already knows?
Flirt with him. Do not think that if you had an affair, the time for vanity had passed. After all, interested in you and love you it is such an easy, slightly mysterious, casually regarding his hands and elusive.
Appreciate what he does for you. If a man knows what a delight you came from his last surprise. If you showed him how happy his gift. If you are in his presence, and I quote his jokes, clever ideas and tell someone about how amazing the courageous deeds he does for you, he will enjoy his "minute of fame" and to constantly think in order for you to make such.
He become not only lover, but friend and Advisor. To do this, to be honest, have not so much. Better listen to what he says and not tell on yourself. Try to understand some difficult situations in his life. Even if his job involves some high-tech things, this work around it, there are people and definitely they have there are some relationships. Who better understands women in a relationship? Give him advice and, next time, in the middle of a stressful meeting he will think – she was right, we should tell it to her, and that would suggest my favorite?
Place in his life are subtle signs of your presence. It is not necessary to bring to his house the brush, Slippers and favorite pajamas. It will most likely perceive this as an infringement on his freedom and personal space. But forget next to the bed a hairpin and the bathroom with a tube of lipstick – it is possible. As well as to give him a soap with a special fragrance to remember you each time to clean, funny key chain, handy diary or mug with a funny inscription.
Be unpredictable. If you write letters to him ten times a day, he'd be fine, but if you send him working the soap on your photos with an erotic photo shoot, he will remember. If his phone will be full of texting with your "Love. A whole. Miss", they will perceive it as something ordinary. But if you write him something funny to lighten the mood before the heavy working day of which you are aware, he will appreciate it. If you from time to time will leave in his pockets, in his house or in his car, funny little notes and make him think about you more often than the emergency note on the fridge.
Let him not a serious cause for jealousy. Such that he realized that he was jealous of you for nothing, but I couldn't help myself. Smile some strange man, and in a few minutes comment that it is only amused. Show up with a bouquet of gorgeous flowers and only after some time say in passing that your employee's birthday tomorrow, and you bought the bouquet in advance from the whole team. Embark on a mind-boggling sexy dress, showing your choice as you are stunning. Tell me, what is this party for a long time, and then leave it early and go to him. He thinks – this woman is driving me crazy, but never – she's definitely cheating.