Try as clearly as possible to imagine a person from whom you expect a phone call or visit that you want to get homesick. Imagine every detail and the expression on his face. Feel the connection that exists between you. So if you really need that person that you want to force him to miss about yourself? Remember that a man will miss and yearn for you only if you he is not indifferent. After you have clearly presented the person, try to imagine where he is at the moment.
Try to analyze the situation – it may be that your date and now very homesick, but can not come or call for some very important reasons. Because life is complicated, and can happen anything.
Try to understand what can make this man start to get bored and cause a desire to call or come. Try to mentally convey to her beloved the feeling. Experts say – a lot of work.
And finally, do not forget that quite traditional, but very contradictory ways. For example, to turn off the phone, don't go to social networks, to create the illusion of complete absence. But how do you then know that someone longs for you? After all, a man can and call and write, but you won't see it.
Many have been situations when you really want to get a man who is not indifferent, bored and troubled. But consider this: if you do care, why not leave pride aside, not to call and not to say, the hearing on the other end the voice of the beloved: "Hello! I missed you...".