Diversify your life. Most often, the anguish is visited by people leading a monotonous repetitive life. Work, household chores, sleep. And the next day everything is repeated again. Get into the habit from time to time to arrange a small celebration. Prepare your favorite food or go to the cafe, turn on some soft music, make yourself a welcome gift. And if the sadness overpowers your loved one, arrange a surprise for him. Shaking up instantly chase away all the bad thoughts.
Work out. Often the longing causes chronic fatigue syndrome from the domination of intellectual labor over physical. Besides, sport helps strengthen the muscles, tighten the body and make it more attractive. After a couple of weeks your reflection in the mirror will make you a satisfied smile, and the reasons for the sadness will be less.
Surround yourself with nice people. Longing and do not try to you to approach, if you are around good-natured fun people. Besides, in the process of communication with friends and family you can share with them their problems, and you will feel better. The presence of like-minded people always support the person even in the difficult moments of life.
Diversify your diet and enrich it with vitamins and microelements. Experts came to the conclusion that depression is often caused by lack of vital elements. You can get vitamins in the form of chemically synthesized pills and drops, but nothing compares with fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs. And taste will add to the joy of life.
Spend more time outdoors. It is proved that under the influence of sunlight the body produces hormones of joy, and the lack of sunlight on the contrary angst and sadness. Besides, being in nature improves the health and complexion, restore your natural beauty and charm.
Refrain from tearful songs and heartrending melodramas. Hearing about another broken heart, you are unlikely to become happier and more cheerful. And here's a fun TV show and a cheerful song, uplifting, will be very useful.
Perhaps the most important thing is really want to defeat depression. All known state when and I want to feel sorry for yourself, cry in the pillow, to complain about the unfortunate fate. With that mindset you win over longing can only dream about. Duplicities enough, have pity on yourself, pokhandrim relish, - and forward, to happiness and joy.