Advice 1: What is the conspiracy that the guy missed

Often women suffering from unrequited love or desire a tighter grip to his object of passion, resorted to various love plots. One of them is the popular conspiracy to melancholy men like a woman who makes a man miss you and constantly think of the particular person.
What is the conspiracy that the guy missed

All about conspiracies on longing

The plots on the angst guy for the girl, better known as "prisha", considered the most simple and effective rituals of love magic. This is due to the impact, which affects only one side of the emotions, and the female energy, which is easily concentrated on the goal. Typically, the action prisuhi can last from two days to two weeks – the duration depends on the strength of the used plot.

The weaker the selected plot to the longing, the more often you need to repeat it – while the conspiracy was strong enough to say once.

The effect of the spoken prisuhi you can see pretty quickly – of course, if the conspiracy were invested a sufficient amount of energy. Usually a man starts to give the woman attention, often calling, and seeking spiritual and physical contact. This is enough for the revival or beginning of the relationship, besides, prisuhi has another big advantage – it does not affect karma and does not subordinate the will of man. Conspiracies longing just for a while make women to men the most desired and desirable.

Read the rules of the conspiracy

To prisha had a positive effect, the conspiracy must be read in solitude at sunset or dawn. The moon must be growing to melancholy men grew and grew along with it. Presho should be read in the open window, clearly and expressively articulating words. The plot to the longing in any case be read instead of girlfriend because it connects a person reading the object prisuhi that can lead to quite predictable consequences.

When reading the plot you can use photos or any thing of the object of passion, to enhance the interaction between the two power companies.

So, to make a man miss you, you need to read the next plot: "by day And night, throbbing temples, let your heart be whining from boredom. I'll be your constant vision, in a dream will see me obsession, all your thoughts I take away, dream of me I beg you! Only longing in you'll creep, the track me your turn. Amen, Amen, Amen!"

After the completion of the ritual to be calm, nothing showing their excitement or expectations. A prerequisite is a sincere belief in the efficacy of the conspiracy. When a man will start to show more attention success you need to fix something real, because magic only gives the desired in hands – and to keep his needs in a woman.

Advice 2 : How to bring on a longing for you

Conspiracies of love and longing were used by girls since ancient times. Many people are now trying to influence the will of the beloved with the help of incantations and magic. The most effective conspiracies are for food, drink and photography. The most suitable plots of time – early morning and early evening after sunset.
How to bring on a longing for you
On Friday, take a birch rod, put him on the threshold. Through this obstacle needs to take a step speaks. As soon as the cute crossed the coveted threshold, the twig hiding in a hot and dry place, saying: "As the twig this dries, let the servant of God (name) longing and pining for me, the servant of God (name)". Plot on a twig you need to say three times.
You need to take the same two wax candles and twist them together with the screw, saying: "Like a candle together Suite, I the servant of God (name) servant of God (name) is connected". Light candles before the image of a Saint and lit the wicks. Say the words: "Light a candle, and the heart of a servant of God (name)". The wicks need to burn nine times.
You need to purchase a small castle. Buying a lock for this plot, you can not stoop to bargaining, otherwise the ritual will be useless. Lock leave open and wait, when it will cross cute. After the lock is locked, saying: "Now, as the castle closed forever, as a servant of God (name) is connected to the handmaid of God (name) forever." The key should throw in any body of water where it will not be able to find. Charmed castle the girl should hide and store.
In the evening, getting ready for bed, she takes a crust of bread and begins to chew, uttering slander: "I, the servant of God (name) eat bread and gnawing, yearning eat, bite the servant of God (name). Forever and ever, Amen." During eating or drinking, a woman can say: "How to drink and eat I am the servant of God (name), so let the sadness eats the servant of God (name). Amen."
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