Advice 1: How to stop the bleeding in your mouth

Bleeding in the mouth may occur due to any wound, for example, the removal of the tooth, damaging the mucous membrane or gum disease. Contribute to bleeding can also lower the platelet count or the use of medications that thin the blood. Most often blood in the oral cavity stops quickly enough not to provoke irritation (for example, is not hot during the day after tooth removal). But sometimes, to stop the bleeding, people have to take additional measures.
How to stop the bleeding in your mouth
You will need
  • - 3% hydrogen peroxide;
  • - tincture of calendula.
Try to determine the cause of bleeding from the mouth. You should make sure that it is not due to some other serious problems in the body, e.g. stomach, intestine, larynx, etc. If in the mouth there are no wounds, swelling and redness, make sure to call an ambulance. In the case when the bleeding started immediately in your mouthand you are unable to stop him for a long time, the advice of a dentist or surgeon is also required.
The removal of a tooth, usually accompanied by bleeding, and the necessary measures for its stopping are carried out immediately. A quarter of an hour or a little longer (45 minutes) at the damaged site is overlaid with a sterile gauze swab. During this time, the hole formed a blood clot, and the bleeding stops. If not, the wound is treated kroveostanavlivajushchimi drugs (are treated) or suture. After that, you just have to follow the doctor's recommendations. If, nevertheless, after some time you again from the wound flowed the blood, make of a sterile bandage or gauze, a small, but high and dense the pad, lay it on the hole and biting teeth. Then sit or lie down, relax and chill. If the cause of bleeding in this case are high blood pressure or a bleeding disorder, you need to not only local but also systemic treatment.
Try in the first days after tooth extraction do not rinse mouth. Also, please refrain from hot food and drink, because all this can result in the removal of a blood clot and recurrence of bleeding.
If you were unable to stop the bleeding from the extraction sites simple pad, try to soak it with diluted solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide (1:3) and again put on this place.
Bleeding due to any wounds in the mouth or damage to the gums try to stop the imposition of a sterile swab or napkin. Rinse your mouth with diluted hydrogen peroxide solution or tincture of calendula. Slightly narrow blood vessels also can put it on the cheek with the right hand the pieces of ice wrapped in gauze. Or, more often, rinse mouth with ice water. Can take a pill to stop the bleeding.
If the mouth was damaged large blood vessels, and bleeding profuse, lay the person face down or on its side so the blood does not leak into the stomach and cause vomiting. Detach the mouth from the blood clots and bleeding put a cotton ball soaked in 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide. Push the damaged vessel. It is possible to cool this place rocks. Such a vessel should be sewed up or impose on him a clip. But this operation you can carry out in a medical facility.

Advice 2: How to stop a bloody nose

Of course, it is desirable with the appearance of blood from the nose to address urgently to the doctor, but if this is not possible, we offer You several ways to stop a nosebleed.
How to stop a bloody nose

Nosebleeds are quite common and their causes is a multitude of reasons:

  • trauma of the nose;

  • mechanical damage to the mucosa of the nasal cavity;

  • surgical intervention in the nasal cavity;

  • acute infectious diseases;

  • arterial hypertension and other diseases of the vascular system and heart;

  • high blood pressure;

  • hemorrhagic diathesis;

  • tumor;

  • kidney disease and liver;

  • beriberi;

  • puberty in adolescents, etc.

Of course, it is advisable to appearance of blood from the nose to address urgently to the doctor, but if this is not possible, we offer You several ways to stop a nosebleed. After providing first aid be sure to go to the hospital. So, to stop the bleeding from the nose is possible in the following ways:

  1. If bleeding is minor, you can try to stop it just pushing with your fingers the wing of the nose to the nasal septum or putting on the nasal septum tissue with ice or soaked in cold water a scarf. You can also lie on your back and put your head under the ice or compress with cold water.

  2. It is also recommended to enter into the nasal passage with a cotton swab pre-moistened with hydrogen peroxide or vaseline, then push it through the wing of the nose to the nasal septum.

  3. If the simplest ways to stop the bleeding did not help, then apply the front tamponade of the nasal cavity: long moisten a gauze pad with hydrogen peroxide or vaseline oil, then perform all the recesses of the nasal cavity. To the back of the head apply an ice pack. Done after the operation, the area that is bleeding, you can cauterize with silver nitrate, trichloroacetic or chromic acid.

  4. If the previous methods the stop has not had a result, then realize the rear tamponade, this should apply to the doctor.

  5. You can get in the nose a few drops of fresh squeezed lemon juice.

  6. To quickly stop bleeding from the nose can be attached to the nostril with a cotton swab pre-moistened with fresh nettle juice.

  7. You can still periodically draw through the nose with salt solution or a solution of water with vinegar (1 Cup water, 1 tsp vinegar) or lemon juice (the juice of 1/4 lemon, 1 Cup water). The liquid is drawn into the nose, then hold for a few minutes, pinch the nostrils and forehead and nose put a cold wet towel.

  8. Also used the juice and decoction of yarrow as nose drops. You can still RUB the fresh yarrow and paste in the nose, as turundas.

  9. Alternative medicine also offers to cut the onions and slice to attach to the back of his neck.

  10. Still, it is believed that you can stop a nosebleed by doing the following manipulation: if you started bleeding from the right nostril, then raise the right hand above the head and the left hand hold your right nostril. If bleeding from the left nostril, you need to make a similar manipulation, but mirrored. You can also use this method with both hands behind your head with the use of assistance for clamping both nostrils.

Advice 3: How to stop vomiting

Vomiting - natural cleansing of the stomach from substandard products. Sometimes it occurs as a result of malfunction of some organs responsible for digestion. To stop vomiting you need as quickly as possible, especially when it is abundant, it may be severe dehydration. If vomiting began a little kid, you can use the following means, but remember to call the doctor or ambulance. Adults should focus on the General condition and symptoms. If vomiting does not stop, a hospital visit is necessary.
How to stop vomiting
Drink alkaline mineral water. In the period of poisoning can be consumed in unlimited quantities. If not at hand, dissolve in boiled water, a little salt and add the soda at the tip of a teaspoon. Salt removes toxins and soda stimulate digestion and suppresses the acidity, which is often formed in cases of poisoning with poor-quality products.
Make a weak solution of potassium permanganate and drink. Then you can pull again, then wait a little and take another 100 g of weak solution of potassium permanganate. The way to stop vomiting you can use to relief the condition even in young children.
Accept the activated coal from calculation 1 tablet on 1 kg of body weight. After a while you will feel relief, but vomiting does not always stop immediately. After a few hours, drink 2-4 tablets of activated charcoal with intervals between doses of 4-5 hours.
In drugstores and other sorbents, as well as antiemetics. Buy Smectite, Motilium or any similar drug. But if you notice that you have a fever and diarrhea begins, it is better not to lubricate symptoms of the disease sorbents, or, in extreme cases, an accurate diagnosis will be difficult.
If vomiting is caused by poisoning - she has to stop during the day. Try to drink more fluids. If you can eat then eat an Apple or low fat yogurt. Sometimes persistent vomiting ceases after a meal. Often this is due to irritation of the stomach, which calms down a bit in the process of digestion.
Vomiting can be a symptom not only of poisoning, but also more serious diseases that require immediate hospitalization. Therefore, we strongly suggest you to consult a doctor.
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