You will need
  • harness, strap or fabric
Arterial bleeding characterizes the deep red color of blood and high speed, stream or thrusts to the beat of a heart attacks. To stop arterial bleeding you need to apply special tourniquet that is part of the automotive or other specialized first aid kits.
Replace the harness can be improvised material: folded several times in a dense piece of fabric, or any garment, rubber hose, belt, etc. it is Advisable not to use the rope - they can damage nerve endings and cause pain shock.
Before the tourniquet again assess the situation and think if there is enough serious bleeding, because a tourniquet will prevent blood flow and can occur numbness of limbs. Usually this measure is used in quite serious damage to the arterial vessels, in all other cases you need to clamp the wound with gauze tampon.
When this manipulation remember that a tourniquet is placed exclusively on clothing, pre-straighten it so that it does not form folds, or on fabric-lined, inches above the wound.
The wiring is wrapped in 2-3 turns, then put a stick or similar object, make two knots and tighten (tighten) until the bleeding stops. Here the main thing is not to pull the wiring, otherwise it may be paralysis of the limbs.
After that, you must record the date and time the tourniquet is in 24-hour equivalent and attach in a prominent place. Such a bandage cannot be held any longer than 1.5 — 2 hours in summer and 45-60 minutes in the winter. If for some reason you have to keep longer, loosen the tourniquet every 15 minutes.
In addition do not forget before the arrival of medical assistance, to immobilize and "anesthetized" patient.