Make sure that you have installed a licensed version of the game. Downloading a pirate rip from the Internet, you are copying yourself, among other things, a set of settings of the previous player, and therefore a possible constraint on the level of severity. In addition, your version may be simply curtailed in favor of smaller scope.
In Soldier of Fortune settings of cruelty are activated from the game. Go to menu "Options" and select "violence". The initial settings are remembered, after which the player is asked to set a password to modify them. If the password still is requested, then try pressing Enter without entering anything (since it can only be a formal procedure). If you for some reason use the game settings downloaded from the Internet, then try the standard combinations, such as a set of multiple units or space: it is triggered periodically.
To set the settings again (if you forgot your password), you will have to do a full uninstall of the game is to do this via the menu item "add or remove programs" and then uninstall the registry data. To do this, click start - > Run, type regedit to open the Explorer, open the folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software. Make sure that the "tails" from the game left (the folder with information about the game), or remove them otherwise. Then start a new installation.
In Soldier of Fortune 2 level violence and setting the password is defined during the product installation. The "manual" deletion, as in the previous paragraph, is not required: simply uninstall the game and start the installation again.
If for any reason the suggested tips do not help find a patch to disable the protection. He simply cuts out the password prompt from the game, opening you all of the customization settings.