Why bleeding gums

Gums can bleed due to an inflammatory process in the oral cavity. The inflammation observed in periodontitis, gingivitis, herpetic stomatitis. Find the right and effective treatment only after identifying the disease. This will help the doctor, having examined the small patient.

Treatment of diseases of the oral cavity

Gingivitis - a disease that occurs due to the accumulation of microbial plaque and dental plaque in the oral cavity. Redness of the gums, bleeding, pain while brushing your teeth and eating - these are all symptoms of the disease. Herpetic stomatitis is an acute form of gingivitis. For treatment it is necessary to perform a professional teeth cleaning of plaque and Tartar. The procedure is performed in the dentist's office, is painless. For removing deposits on the teeth using ultrasound. It is also necessary to cure all carious teeth, to seal the holes. After this should follow an anti-inflammatory therapy. You can carry out rinsing of the oral cavity of 0.005% solution of chlorhexidine twice a day (morning and evening) after cleansing routine. "Synthesis" - an antiseptic solution, which is also used for rinsing. But it is much inferior to the force of action of chlorhexidine. Drugs suitable for children from the age of three. Nesperova infusions of chamomile, sage is also good for oral hygiene.

For inflamed gums can be cause of special gels and ointments. Gels are considered to be more effective, as better kept to moist oral mucosa and penetrate into its very depths. "Holisal" baby gum gel. It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. The drug is suitable teething, to facilitate the flow of the disease process. The gel should be applied on the edge of the gums morning and evening. After application you should not eat within two hours. Contraindications age has not.

Prevention of diseases of the oral cavity

Treatment will not be effective if the child is not familiar with the rules of hygiene of the oral cavity. Parents should monitor brushing their children's teeth, how they do it. With a small child you need to hold the event together and already from an early age to teach him how to clean and tidy. Diet affects the condition of teeth and gums. The child needs to be protected from a large number of sweet. Easily digestible carbohydrates are best given immediately after meals and then brush your teeth.