Many pain comes adrenaline. Thanks to him, the vessel walls are reduced, so after tooth removal the bleeding quickly stops. However, after its termination they expand. As a result, after an hour in 35% patients there may be bleeding from the hole, where previously was the tooth. It can be stopped in several ways.

How to stop bleeding after tooth extraction?

Make a small pad of fleece or bandage. Apply it on the place where he removed the tooth, and then much bite for 15-20 minutes.
To the bleeding stopped as quickly as possible, liberally moisten the swab in the hydrogen peroxide solution (3%).
During this time will have time to form a clot that will clog the hole and stop the bleeding. Not worth it immediately after that rinse the mouth or eat food since it will lead to deterioration. The clot can be damaged, leading to bleeding again.

It may happen that the first option will not give the desired results. In this case, it is recommended to use ice. It is necessary to lean against the lip or cheek in the projection of the extracted tooth. To keep it you must 5 minute intervals. You should apply it 3-4 times. In no case do not put the ice directly on the wound, it can lead to serious complications. In some cases, it can go septic.

What to do if the bleeding has not stopped?

If after such procedures the blood from the wound and continues to go, contact your dentist. It will take a number of measures to resolve this problem. So, may be imposed ligatures (sutures), a hemostatic sponge or made cauterization of the hole electrode.
If the condition is not too serious, you should certain medicines that increase blood clotting. In the role of they can act aminocaproic acid, dicynone, menadione.

To go to the doctor should in that case, if the blood began to ooze from the wound after only a few days after the tooth extraction. It may occur as a result of inflammatory process in the hole. There will also be assigned certain drugs and made plugging.

Call an ambulance if, along with the bleeding in place of a remote tooth you are experiencing dizziness and weakness. During the conversation with the dispatcher must necessarily in all details about his health.