You will need
  • - iodine, brilliant green;
  • medical adhesive or fluorine;
  • - vinegar, oak bark;
  • - burdock oil, glycerin, petrolatum.
Immediately after hirudotherapy attach to the damaged site clean sterile bandages or female strip — this will help you not to get dirty.
If the blood goes and at the end of the day, you need to take immediate action. Make a compression bandage. For a start apply on the wound a large quantity of clean sterile gauze and then bandage on top of bandage. If the bandage is soaked in bloodW, then put on her another, as the wound can not touch it. To remove or change the bandage can only at the end of the day.
If the damaged place impossible to bandage, apply it with a cold compress. Cook it pretty simple — take a few pieces of ice and wrap them with a clean cloth.
Help and treatment of the lesion of the disinfectants. Lubricate the wound with iodine solution or ordinary green paint — it will stop the blood.
If necessary, use medical adhesive or PTFE.
If bleeding is observed on a mucous membrane, e.g. oral cavity, try as often as possible to rinse your mouth with water and vinegar. Also prepare a decoction of oak bark, and add it to water for irrigation.
If after the treatment you are concerned about itching in the area of the bite, treat the wound with burdock — this will relieve the discomfort. With the same purpose, you can use glycerin and vaseline. But remember that in any case can not comb the affected area.