You will need
  • - gauze;
  • - ice;
  • - anti-inflammatory dental gel;
  • - sea buckthorn oil or rose hips.
When you remove a tooth inevitably injured tissues of the gums. The heavier the operation was, the more effort must be applied to avoid complications. Immediately after the procedure, the doctor will put in place of the removed tooth with a sterile gauze swab. As tight as you can hold it — it will help to stop the bleeding. In addition, the hole needs to form a blood clot to protect the bone and the gums from infection.
Spit gauze pads in 20-30 minutes after removal of the tooth. Cheek apply ice, wrapped in a thick cloth. The cold will not only reduce the pain and reduce swelling of the gums. Keep the ice for longer than 15 minutes.
In the first days after removal of the tooth eat hot and spicy food. It will only increase the pain and can dissolve the blood clot that formed in the gum.
Keep oral hygiene — brush teeth twice a day. Try to do this carefully so as not to injure the already inflamed gums. Refrain from intense mouthwash. It can also disturb the blood clot and cause rebleeding.
From the second day after removal of the tooth, make soda baths. Prepare a weakly concentrated solution — 0,5 teaspoon of baking soda 150 ml of warm water. Enter the liquid in your mouth and hold it on the side of the removed tooth.
If the gum does not heal within three days after removal of tooth, use of anti-inflammatory dental gel "Metrogyl Denta" or "Holisal". Apply a thin layer on gauze and apply to inflamed gums. Keep it in your mouth for 15-20 minutes. Carry out the procedure three times a day. Alternatively, you can use sea buckthorn oil or rose hips.
If the treatment is not helping, and the pain, instead of fading increases, contact your dentist removes a tooth. He inspected the hole, clean it from food stuck inside, and close it with a gauze swab soaked "Methyluracil" or other antimicrobial ointment. The procedure must be repeated 3-4 times.
As an additional method often used physiotherapy. In the dental office, you will be held ultraviolet irradiation or treatment by pulse currents.