The first obvious solution is to change the ink. Refill an empty cartridge of color ink or buy a new cartridge, for example, use the service order through the online store.
If buying ink is not an acceptable output, try to bypass the printing system, forcing her to use a backup monochrome mode, and remove the color cartridge from the printer. When you receive a message that further printing will be in grey color, see the end of the text. If the program is proposed to print in black color, click "OK".
In case of failure of the program to print without a color cartridge, reinstall the driver. To do this, download the updated version of the specialized programs from trusted sites and always make sure that the selected driver corresponds to your operating system Windows. Otherwise, the downloaded program will not be recognized, and the printing process will not change.
Before installing the drivers for the printer, remove old programs and clean the registry. Then run the installation file and wait for download to your device.
Try to connect any removable drive and print from this device any material using the mode black.
If this does not help to reset the printer. Specialists of the center will try the option of replacing the software when the empty container is not recognized, or use one of the ways to change chipovka cartridge. In any case, do not try to independently reflash the printer, because in the process of changing software can damage your printer, not leaving even a chance to return it to working condition.