When complex problems must be done by the specialist, but for small problems it will be able to everyone. The cartridge should pull out, if it jammed, not stamped text on paper or begin to spoil. Removal of the cartridge can eliminate these problems.
Locate the printer-specific pull-tab or notch, which opens it to the cover. Open it and click on the notch lever (if available in your printer model). Attention: laser printer fuser gets very hot – don't touch him, so as not to burn the skin on the hands.
Cartridge need to take the handle and pull from the slot on yourself, putting little effort. If the cartridge cannot be ejected, do not rush to remove him by force that it could seriously break down. It is better to call a master service from the service center. To prevent damage to the print cartridge, handle with care. Your respect for the cartridge is the key to high print quality in the printer.
Also remember that to remove the cartridge from the printer, and ink jet type need only 2-3 minutes, as in the cartridge can dry up on ink. In this case, you will have to refill the cartridge with new ink, because the old has become unfit for further use. When you put in order to protect the drum cartridge cover, do not lift it. The curtain closes colorant in the cartridge from drying and exposure to sunlight.
Eliminate mechanical impact on cartridge and not leave it under sunlight, which spoils the print quality is. Try to conduct all transactions with the cartridge carefully and quickly: as soon as I removed the jammed paper, or lined protective shutter on the toner cartridge, put it back in place and close the cover. When you pulled the cartridge out of the printer, it can not shake or knock on his hull. Otherwise you risk to pour the remnants of toner from the cartridge and to dirty himself and his clothes.