Be careful: refusing the automatic control of the ink level, you will need to monitor your device. In certain cases, disabling this option increases the risk that you will burn out the printhead, if you did not correct the situation.
As a rule, the principle of the action when disconnecting is as follows: read emerging reports that the device is low on ink. On the body of the printer press and hold for 10 seconds to activate the application with a triangle and a flashing indicator. The control system of the ink level will be disabled for a specific ink (one of which you got an alert).
For some cartridges will have a different method: Open the "control Panel" via "start menu" in category "Printers and other hardware" select the icon "Printers and faxes". Click with the right mouse button on the name of your printer and select the context menu item "Properties". On the Ports tab remove the marker from the field "Enable bidirectional support". Click on the "Apply" button and close the window.
Also for certain models of printers there is utility to reset the ink counter (for example, IPTool). Install and run the utility, turn on the printer, select your model. Click on the Reset button (reset) for black and color ink group Ink Level (ink level) set the value to "100".
To the ink in the printer spent less, adjust the eco mode. To do this, open the properties window for your printer as described in the third step, and go to the General tab. Click on the "print setup" and additionally opened window open the tab "Paper/Quality". In the "print Quality" and select it with the dropdown list the desired value or select the marker field EconomMode to turn on the eco mode. Apply the new settings.