Advice 1: How to pull the cartridge out of the printer

Of course, best not to intrude in the inside of the printer, no matter how curious. But sometimes you just need to do it (had a paper jam, started to spoil, not propective text, etc.) to get the cartridge and to fix the problem.
How to pull the cartridge out of the printer
Off all metal objects to avoid injury.
Open the cover of printer for the special pull-tab or notch. Be careful, in the laser printerx fuser heats up, avoid direct contact with him. Depending on the model of the printer for fixing the cartridgeand inside the body can be applied to various fixing clamps. In this case, to extract the cartridge must after pressing the lever lock.
Grab the cartridge by the handle and pull with little effort from the device itself. If the cartridge is stuck, do not attempt to remove it yourself, it may cause damage to the printer. In this case, contact customer service center.
To handle the cartridge carefully. Any, even the most minor damage may reduce the print quality.

Do not lift the drum protecting shutter, do not leave the cartridge in the light, and exclude the mechanical effect. We should not forget that sunlight is detrimental to print quality.

Remove the print cartridge from the inkjet printer can be no more than two or three minutes, otherwise the ink will dry up and the cartridge will be unusable.
Useful advice
The cartridge you removed is not shake and pounding on its hull, as the remnants of toner can sleep outside.

Advice 2: How to put cartridge in printer

Printers can often be seen by users of personal computers. It should be noted inkjet printers, featuring affordable price and at the same time preserving the ability of high-quality printing, including color. Captivating and their versatility: the modern inkjet printers are able to print on virtually any paper, including the cover of the DVD drive. As the volume of the cartridge from inkjet printers is not very big, you often need to buy a new one, then it must be put back in the printer.
How to put cartridge in printer
You will need
  • Computer;
  • printer;
  • cartridge.
Flip open the printer cover. As a rule, it painted a detailed instruction how to insert the cartridges into the printer. Remember that the cost of the cartridge can be up to 90% of the cost of the printer. Agree, nothing to go with buying a new cartridge in order to then own reckless and ill-considered action to break it, not worth it.
So, to insert cartridges into the printer, first unzip the original packaging. Pull out the cartridge and carefully remove the protective tape from the nozzles. After that gently wipe the nozzles themselves a soft cloth, lint-free. Need to wipe along the nozzles.
If the printer cover is tilted, the holders for the cartridges tend to automatically go to the center of the device, for ease of installation. Alternately, insert the cartridges in the printer in accordance with the instructions, painted under the lid. The cartridges must be inserted so that at the end I heard a click, signaling that the cradle has fixed the cartridge. After you install the ink cartridges, close the printer cover. Holder with cartridgeMIS will return to its original position.
Now try to print some test pages to verify the installation. If all goes well, you can congratulate yourself – the installation of cartridges is completed.
Useful advice
After you install the ink cartridges it is desirable to combine them using a special utility that comes with the printer. If this is not done, the black and color cartridge can print not as a whole, and individually. In the matching process cartridge prints sample text and graphics in which you must choose one on which there is no offset between the black and color text / graphics.

Advice 3: How to check printer cartridge

To check the cartridge of printer operability can even before installing it in the printer. The notion of "footprint" will help to determine the condition of the cartridgeand, as it implies the mark left cartridgeeat on absolutely dry and clean cloth. This track will test the cartridge, before filling, and after it.
How to check printer cartridge
You will need
  • cartridge;
  • - toner;
  • - a clean dry cloth;
  • printer.
For starters, if the cartridge is in the printer, gently pull it out. Further, on a flat hard surface, put some napkins (4-5 PCs.) in one layer. This item is a must for two reasons. First, they will bear the trace of the cartridgeand, secondly, they also represent a means of protecting the cartridgeand, or rather, of the nozzle plate from damage.
Gently push the cartridge to the surface of the napkin 1 second. Remove the cartridge and look at the resulting print. Serviceable black cartridge will leave a smooth continuous line of black. Photo-cartridge or color model will leave lines of different colors running parallel to each other. If the ink in the cartridgee dried up to print put it down the "spout" in a special cleaning fluid for ten minutes and repeat the procedure.
Refilled toner cartridge check with the printerby printing a test sheet. During normal operation the image on the sheet must be legible and visible, and no ink strips and dirt.
When checking just refilled the cartridge make sure the toner is not scattered in the room, as when hit in the respiratory tract, it can cause various allergic reactions. Moreover, the toner is very flammable, so use it only in the area where there is no open flame.
Useful advice
Not always with poor quality image on the sheet, or lack thereof, to blame the cartridge, as breakage may lie directly in the printer. To determine the exact cause of the malfunction, please contact the specialist shops, who repair computers and refilling of cartridges.

Advice 4: How to pull the cartridge out of the printer

When the cartridge to an ink jet printer in the inkjet ink, there is a need or replacing the cartridge or refilling it with ink. In the first, as in the second case, the cartridge necessarily need to be removed from the printer. If you do everything right and don't rush to get it out of the printer will not be difficult. The main thing - do not overdo it and not to make unnecessary physical force. Otherwise, you may damage the print head.
How to pull the cartridge out of the printer
Although printer models are many, but arranged them all about the same. If this method for your model does not fit, you will be able to see for yourself. Also the following methods can only be used printer's. Not forget about the manual - if you bought a new printer, you had to give all instructions must include information on removing the print cartridges. If you have a multifunction device, it's likely that none of the methods will not work.
Power on the printer. Wait for a while until it completely will not start. Then open the cover of the printer. After opening the carriage with the printhead where you inserted the cartridges will begin to move. Wait until it fully stops. You can then remove the cartridge.
In many models of printers just pull the cartridge itself. In this way, the cartridge is removed from the clamp, then it should just pull out (typical for Canon printers). If the cartridge can not be, better not to hurry and not to exert unnecessary effort. Let's see, there are a lock lever. If there is, then just move him to another position, after which the cartridge can be removed.
Also in some printer models in order to remove the cartridges from the clamp, you just need gently to put pressure on them (as is typical for many models of Epson). Then you hear a click. Now the cartridges can be pulled out.
Owners of Canon printers IP series first, for example, it is easier to remove the print head and then remove the print cartridge. To do this, after stopping the carriage with the print head drag lock lever in the down position, then remove the printhead cartridge. To do this, take it from the top and gently pull down.

Advice 5: How to change the ink cartridge in the printer

Yesterday, he was your permanent assistant. Deduced on paper all that was needed. And today and the color is not the same, and the print quality is not perfect. It seems that your printer has run out of ink, and now there is an urgent need to replace the cartridge.
How to change the ink cartridge in the printer
Classification of printers as follows:
- jet,
- laser.
In addition, the printers have black and white or color printing. The greatest distribution was received today by printers with color printing and laser black-and-white or color printing.

Replace the print cartridges in an inkjet printer

The inkjet cartridges are small parallelepipeds, on the top side which shows the markings and color of ink. To change the used cartridges to a new need:

1. Open the printer cover, conceal cartridges;
2. Remove used cartridges, follow the instructions shown on the internal side of the cover (where indicated, for which edge to pull to release the cartridge from the slots);
3. Extract the new cartridge from its packaging, remove the protective film from the metal contacts (it usually says "Remove before use" or "Remove");
4. Installing the ink cartridges, respecting the distribution system by color (to be inserted incorrectly will not work, as each cartridge has a unique "key" of the individual attachment system);
5. To close the lid.

If manufacturer provides refill inkjet cartridges with syringe and ink, remove the used cartridge, insert the syringe into the specially provided hole and inject the ink. Then shake the cartridge a few times and reinstall.

Use original cartridges of the manufacturer, as analog often degrade the quality of the print may damage the printer or cause to be cancelled the warranty.

Replacing the toner cartridge in a laser printer

Laser printer cartridges are larger than inkjet, have the form of rectangle with rounded edges and plenty of grooves and on the surface. Notice the toner cartridge in a laser printer, use the following:

1. Open the printer cover.
2. Gently pull the handle of the toner cartridge provided on the housing, upwards-to itself (the cartridge moves in special guide rails). If the toner, wash with hands in cold water, and surfaces with a damp cloth.
3. Remove the new toner cartridge from its packaging, remove the protective film (labeled "Remove" or "Remove").
4. Shake the cartridge several times horizontally.
5. Insert the cartridge into the tray, do not press, cartridge, right once you are on rails, easily turns on the spot.
6. Close the printer cover.

The toner cartridges have the ability to fill a special compound, but doing it at home is not recommended, as the toner enters the body through the respiratory tract and can harm health.
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