You will need
  • kit for refilling the cartridge;
  • - Scotch.
Purchase a filling kit suitable for the model of your cartridge. You can find them in computer shops of your city as well as in specialized stores and services that serve Photocopying equipment. Download the diagram of the chipset your model of cartridge on the Internet. Please note that the query should be executed exactly with the model name, because even for similar can be used different pin-out diagrams. The scheme needs to be reset.
If you don't know how to refill ink cartridges HP, download detailed instructions specifically for your model, because capacity can be completely different. Use for refilling kits which suit to your recording apparatus, never save money on supplies, as this can ruin your printer.
Place the cartridge on the work surface with the contacts facing up and the print head yourself. Cover the contact on the cartridge is marked in the statement. Please note that sealed should be only one of them. Insert the cartridge into the printer and wait for the error message that the cartridge is defective. Run the printouts of internal text printer, and then remove the print cartridge.
Seal the second contact printer in accordance with the instructions of the schema to your model. Insert the cartridge into the printer, try to print again and remove it. Peel off the adhesive tape from the first contact. Put it back in the printer, wait for it to define and again remove from the compartment.
Remove the tape from all of the contacts, wipe them with a lint-free cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol. Insert the cartridge into the printer, then it needs to be recognized in the system as 100% completed. Of course, perform reprogramming of the cartridge after refilling.