Place the color cartridge HP 22 so that the contact area of the cartridge was tilted away from you. Remove the plastic sticker is placed on the surface of the body, in order to get access to the filling holes. Inside the cartridge, this model is divided into three compartments, which contain inks of different colors. In the upper compartment are red ink, lower left yellow, bottom right is blue.
For the filling you will need a reusable syringe. Take him, put the needle and complete the approximately 5 grams of the ink of one of three colors.
Inside compartments with ink are special sponge. Through the filling hole introduce the needle inside the sponge to a depth of 0.3 to 0.6 centimeters. Be careful if you insert the needle at a greater distance, there is a risk of damaging the cartridge. In this case, after filling it will leak. After insertion of the needle inside the sponge begin to gently inject the ink. Do not use considerable effort is under a lot of pressure, ink may spill out and stain your clothes and the room. If you notice that the ink began to flow out of the hole, stop refilling – this means that the cartridge is full. In this case, pull back about 1 gram of ink. Repeat this operation for all colors.
Attach the back separated your label. If it has been damaged, use a piece of adhesive tape or insulating tape.
The used syringe should be washed under running water. This will help to avoid mixing inks of different colors upon subsequent refills.
Install the printer refilled print cartridge and run a few color prints. If printed documents are printing defects, leave cartridge in printer for a day to give the ink a chance to flow to the print head. Also, remember that long-term absence of filled cartridges ink residue in the print head nozzles may dry out. In this case, it simply needs to be rinsed.