Look in the lower right corner, in the area of the taskbar printer icon.
Double-click this icon. A window will open with information about the status of the printer where you will see a list of documents to print
Select the desired document.
Click once on the name.
In the toolbar, click Document, then Cancel (in some versions of Windows this command can be called to Cancel printing).
Click Yes (OK in some versions of Windows).
Close the window of print jobs if they were deleted from the list of all the necessary documents). To do this, select the Printer, then Close.
Then you will go back to Word to edit the document. However, note that the printer has its own memory, so printing will not stop instantly. If the printer managed to print several pages of a long document, you can print another 2-3 and then stop printing.
If you use a network printer, it may be that from your computer it is impossible to cancel printing. In this case you will have to contact your system administrator.