You will need
  • computer, printer, CD printer.
The preferred stop printing using printer software. If you have not installed additional software to the printer, do it. To do this, use the disk that should be bundled with the printer. If for any reason you do not have additional software, you can download it from the official website of the manufacturer of your printer model.
When you launch a print file using the printer software, dialog box appears with information about the print condition. From the bottom of the window there is a line "Cancel printing"button, clicking on which the printer will cease to print the file. If you can't find a dialog box with information about the print condition, most probably, it is minimized in the toolbar (in the lower left corner of your desktop). Just find it on your printer icon and click on it double click. In this way you open this dialog box.
If you are using the printer without additional software may use a different method of stopping the printer. Click start, select control Panel, then Printers and faxes. Depending on the operating system, the component names may vary. For example, on Windows 7 this feature is called "View devices and printers". Main thing is to have the word "Printers". Displays a list of printers that connected to your computer. In the case of a home PC is likely only one printer. Click on printer icon right-click.
POPs up a context menu where you can select the command "View print queue". In the dialog that appears select the document to cancel the print you want. To do this, click the right mouse button and select "Cancel". In the resulting window, confirm cancel printing by pressing "Yes". Also in this window, you can cancel the printing of all the planned documents.