Perhaps you hesitate because of a lack of confidence. Increase your self-esteem. Remember all your positive qualities and appreciate their strengths appreciated. Don't get too critical of their appearance. Suppose you do not have a perfect body, look to him not cons and pros. Try in every way to emphasize its appeal. This can be done with a properly sized underwear and clothing, a certain style, makeup and hairstyles. Love your personality and appearance, and you will be much easier to communicate with members of the opposite sex. By the way, some defects, if they are so difficult for you to relax, and you can get rid of. Think about how you can improve your external image.
More practice in dealing with young people, to overcome shyness. Don't miss the opportunity to discuss with the colleague-the man work. On the street, asking the way, give preference to the representatives of the stronger sex. Talk to the guy at the party or away. Chat with your male relatives and their friends. So you will begin to better understand young people and overcome the barriers in communication, which now stands before you.
If you like young man, but you are unable to communicate with him without a tremor in her voice and buckling of the knees, do the following: stop trying to idealize him and to put above yourself. Appreciate their individuality. Think of man as an ordinary person. Try to see his personality. Not worth doing as the man is too romantic in your mind, concentrating on the beautiful, blue eyes, white-toothed smile or playing underneath the muscles. This is only a part. It is possible, in advanced cases even worth to look for some flaws in the young man, so you won't be so scared to talk to him.
To overcome shyness in front of a particular man, try to know him better. Ask him or her about personal life, work, travel, Hobbies. Understand, than he lives. Become friends with a young man. Then about any shyness will not out of the question. You will begin to understand this man and see how best to build a relationship with him in the future. Your shyness will go away.
Acknowledge their femininity, attractiveness and sexuality. Important is the correct setting. Think about how you look seductive in the eyes of men. Become a bit Flirty, mysterious. Use your charm, female charm, the charm. Beautiful, self-sufficient, intelligent woman can not ashamed of myself or awkwardly to communicate with men, so you need to perceive yourself that way. Know their own worth.