First of all, to give hope to the guy that you have a future. He kisses you for the reason that just afraid to admit their feelings or that you will reject. Hope for something more it needs, it will give confidence, then his actions will be more decisive.
To seduce him, use verbal tactics. The ability to manipulate and knowledge of body language you'll need. Emphasize advantages of your figure and hide flaws. For example, wear a blouse with a plunging neckline. Remember that discover all is not worth it, you have to leave room guy for fantasy. Use tactile contact. Casually touch him when speaking. These gestures bring people together. Maybe he'll understand that you're indifferent to him, and then will feel more confident.
To get a guy to kiss you in a playful manner. Remember the Golden rule: to win you have to lose. Argue with him on anything in dispute can be anything, there is no fundamental difference. And the prize will be a kiss. The winner kisses the loser. Accordingly you need to lose in the dispute, then everything will settle itself.