However, having skills, great desire and persistence to learn magic you can own. Moreover, to find their own mentor in magic is almost impossible, since most of them charlatans, who simply chose this exotic form of income to get your money. Moreover, as you know, the real "teacher appears when the disciple is ready".
So you've decided to study magic independently. The first thing you need to keep in mind that to learn magic you can put into practice and personal experience and not just from books. And this practice requires self-discipline because the study of magic must be regular. Therefore, it would be useful to make for themselves a study plan and stick to it.
Another useful thing for the magician it is a magic diary, which should become a habit. In the pagan wiccan tradition, this diary is called "Book of shadows". That can be written in the magic diary? Analysis of magical operations, the phases of the moon and planetary influences of the day, their thoughts and feelings associated with magic and other comments that you deem necessary.
A necessary condition in learning magic is to develop in oneself the qualities of the magician. It is a strong will, imagination, self-confidence, unshakable calmness, composure and other qualities. These qualities are extremely important in magic. To have these qualities, the best way is not to fight something (laziness, apathy, impulsivity, etc.), and imagine that you already possess these qualities. Always act as if you already possess these qualities. In psychology, this is called autosuggestion. And again, you should be aware of the responsibility, because if your magic will be sent to anyone for evil, it will just boomerang back to you. For example, it regards the love spell that violates free will and refers to black magic.
Cultivate sensitivity: smell, touch, hearing, sight, taste. For example, you poured Jasmine tea. Do not hurry to drink it. Breathe in the scent of Jasmine, enjoy the aroma, and then SIP tea. Feel the taste of the tea, its shades. Another example. You walk through the Park. Inhale the smell of leaves, watch the sunset, listen to the silence or sounds. And so on. That is, you realize every moment, and at the same time stimulates all of your five senses. Thus, you learn to look at the world through different eyes - not an everyday sight. You learn to see what cannot be seen at first glance.
The next step is the development of intuition, sixth sense. First day try to predict what events it will bring. At the same time try to feel the energy of the day (in this case it is useful to pay attention to moon phases and days of the week). When talking with a person try to anticipate what he will say or what he's thinking. It is possible to concentrate on the chakra "third eye" - the ajna. In General, ways to develop your intuition a lot. The main thing - to learn to trust their feelings and inner understanding.
Learning magic is important also food. It's best if it's vegetarian. Try this experiment: one day eating meat food, other vegetable (salads, nuts, fruits) and compare their feelings. If vegetarian food is not for you, stick magic diet on the day of the ritual or ceremony.
As for the magic exercise, you must decide where to direct efforts. Early learning magic is useful to do exercises in visualization, concentration, relaxation. You can also work with Tarot, runes or Hexagrammes of the I Ching., skrainka (for example, work with the magic mirror or crystal ball), lucid dreams, entering into a trance or meditation. However, you must remember that while exercise should be a gradual approach and the need to exercise caution.
And, of course, if you want to learn magic, you need to read occult literature. In order to realize anything in practice, you need to examine the issue thoroughly. One more important point. Although nowadays you can find a lot of books on magic, not all of them have accurate information. So you need to be able to "separate the wheat from the chaff and be able to analyze, not to get lost in the wilds of pseudomagic or not to harm yourself. In General, information can and should be filtered.
To learn magic, you should be ready to devote to the practice of magic a significant portion of his time. If you read that to learn magic you can easily and quickly know that you simply puff. For example, it is believed that you can learn magic easily and quickly with magic classes one hour a day or a week. Sounds it is tempting, but this is ridiculous. For example, you want to learn to play the piano. If you learn a few notes and learn to play a simple melody, it doesn't mean that you have learned to play the piano. But if you for a few hours a day will play scales, learn music, dedicate to music most of the time, you can become a real virtuoso. So, magic is also an art. If you seriously want to learn magic, she will become your way of thinking and way of life. You have to exert a lot of effort to go all the way "through the thorns to the stars", other ways to learn magic there.