Advice 1: How to get magical powers

Many people dream to have super powers. In their fantasies they tame the elements, heal the terminally ill, and inflict terrible curses and heat the soup without using a microwave oven. But the dream, as we know, not harmful. Harmful to do nothing in order to make their dreams come true. In order to do great things, resembling in this the Aleister Crowley, Hermes Trismegist, Helena Blavatsky and Harry Potter, you should get magical powers. Where to get it? There are several options.
To receive magical power in different ways
The surest way to gain magical power is to inherit it. Find out is not usual for someone of your relatives, relatives or acquaintances something strange. For example, habits to successfully treat terminally ill patients, and bewitch the guys for girls to shoot to cause damage or fly in a mortar on Bald Mountain.If a person with magical powers is found – try to persuade her to give you a Gift. As a rule, the magical gift is only after the death of the previous owner. So, you may have to wait.
It is believed that any person has the ability to magic. The main thing – to find a good teacher or develop your own gift. To find a teacher is not easy, or rather, impossible. If you are really talented and really need to develop a magical gift – the teacher will find you himself. And not the fact that it will be a white-haired old man, easily materialisme fireball and dispersing clouds with a wave of his hand.You can try to develop your gift to yourself. It will have a lot to read, lot to do, learn to stop the internal dialogue, to own emotions, concentration and the kinds of weird things.
Take yoga classes. Moreover, the appearance does not really matter. Dedicate to practice at least one hour a day (more is better). Meditate as often as possible. After a few years of practice will begin to manifest siddhis – supernatural powers. You will be able to work miracles attributed to mages. However, if you get in their development to a level at which there are Siddhas – all these earthly things like thunder and lightning on the heads of the offenders, the charms and the dispersal of the clouds you are unlikely to be interesting.

Advice 2 : The importance and the magical properties of pearls

Pearls are attracted not only by unusual beauty but also for their magical properties. Its magical effect leads to well-being and wisdom helps to subdue pride. Stone gives beauty and youth, strengthens marriage and human health.
The importance and the magical properties of pearls

Magic mother of pearl stone

Pearls – a stone of organic origin, which grows in the shell of particular mollusks. Its basis may be any grit or other stuff that got inside the shell. Clam intensively begins to envelop him layer by layer with nacre, protecting your home. Thus begins the pearls.

Astrology calls the pearl "the dark power of the moon." Wearing it can only very strong-willed people who have the strength to resist the negative actions of the moon. It is not recommended to decorate themselves a single ring with pearls.
If the conscience of the owner of the pearls dirty, the decoration will fade.

The historians of antiquity had described, that the famous Cleopatra was of great significance to magic and every day drinking the tincture dissolved in vinegar a pearl, and adorned his neck and wrists. So maybe this was the reason of her youth, beauty and power?

The beauty of pearls fascinates and attracts. You can find lots of famous and great admirers of this stone, looking at the photo of the British Queen, Coco Chanel or Marilyn Monroe.

As a talisman pearl fits zodiac signs Pisces, Cancer and Aquarius. It will help them find love, luck and family happiness. People with weak will power to wear jewelry with this stone is not recommended. Pearl is able by his power to demoralize them completely.

Special magical significance of the stone was given in ancient times by the Egyptians. Pearl stressed the high status of its owner. Even after the death of pearl jewelry accompanied his master in the tombs.

Features of the pearl

Products with this stone are given on the thirtieth anniversary of joint life for married couples pearl wedding. It is a talisman of the hearth, accentuates the wisdom and understanding of life.
Store pearl jewelry separately from other recommended in a velvet box or suede pouch.

For refreshment of the gloss of the pearl can be placed a decoration in water with sea salt for a few hours. Then gently wipe with a soft flannel cloth.

Healing properties of pearls

The beneficial effects of mother of pearl stone has on the liver, kidneys, blood pressure and gastrointestinal tract.
Healing used pearl water. To do this in a glass of water at night put a few pearls. This remedy helps with conjunctivitis, prevention of hemorrhoids and bleeding gums.
In heart pain you can hold a bead a natural pearl in his mouth. This will soothe the pain.

Constantly wearing a pearl necklace or bracelet, their master can control their health. Pearls tend to fade and even crack when the poor health of his owner. They absorb all negative energy, helping to relieve some emotional stress. It is believed that shrivelled dying stone can predict the immediate death of the host.

Advice 3 : Which zodiac signs magical powers

Elements who patronize the zodiacal constellations, each sign is endowed with certain magical powers. Every person at birth has magical powers, which in the course of life gradually lost: it dissipate everyday worries and everyday problems. So what magical qualities have people who are under the protection of Fire, Water, Air and Earth.
Which zodiac signs magical powers

The Element Of Water

Water zodiac signs are beginning to display their magical abilities in stressful situations or in those moments when life happens global change.

Cancers are by nature endowed with strong intuition, they make a great predictor of the future. They are able very clearly to interpret the signs sent from above.

Scorpions can also predict future events, but their energy is directed mostly to protect their loved ones from the negative effects.

Fish can only be one presence to protect the house from trouble. If you are friends with the Fish, we often invite them to his guests. You will immediately feel how your house will be easier to breathe, and many small everyday problems will be resolved as if by themselves.

The Element Of Earth

Earth energy helps its clients in the fulfillment of their cherished desires.

Many Taureans possess an extraordinary ability to attract money and wealth.

Virgo and Capricorn have a natural inclination to astrology and numerology. Virgo like to pay attention to the little things and notice something that is inaccessible to others, but the Capricorn is able to quickly recover energy.

The Element Of Fire

Fire signs possess great magical potential.

Aries can charge both positive and negative energy food, water and even personal belongings.

Archers can become true healers. These people have great potential and can very quickly restore their magical energy.

Lions – bright representatives of fiery energy. They are able by the power of thought to get people to think about themselves. In love magic Lions simply has no equal.

The Element Of Air

Gemini by nature endowed with the gift of hypnosis. They literally fascinate your companion and direct his thoughts for yourself in the right direction.

A gift received from Scales is a powerful amulet that can effectively neutralize the negative impact, and Aquarius can work wonders involuntarily. For Aquarius magic is a kind of addictive game where you can show your extraordinary magical abilities.

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