The surest way to gain magical power is to inherit it. Find out is not usual for someone of your relatives, relatives or acquaintances something strange. For example, habits to successfully treat terminally ill patients, and bewitch the guys for girls to shoot to cause damage or fly in a mortar on Bald Mountain.If a person with magical powers is found – try to persuade her to give you a Gift. As a rule, the magical gift is only after the death of the previous owner. So, you may have to wait.
It is believed that any person has the ability to magic. The main thing – to find a good teacher or develop your own gift. To find a teacher is not easy, or rather, impossible. If you are really talented and really need to develop a magical gift – the teacher will find you himself. And not the fact that it will be a white-haired old man, easily materialisme fireball and dispersing clouds with a wave of his hand.You can try to develop your gift to yourself. It will have a lot to read, lot to do, learn to stop the internal dialogue, to own emotions, concentration and the kinds of weird things.
Take yoga classes. Moreover, the appearance does not really matter. Dedicate to practice at least one hour a day (more is better). Meditate as often as possible. After a few years of practice will begin to manifest siddhis – supernatural powers. You will be able to work miracles attributed to mages. However, if you get in their development to a level at which there are Siddhas – all these earthly things like thunder and lightning on the heads of the offenders, the charms and the dispersal of the clouds you are unlikely to be interesting.