Don't make the common among beginning magicians mistake - trying to learn magic for mass publications sold in bookstores. Most likely, you will learn to remember the plots and the order of performance of rituals, but the result will be. Most popular "magic" collections compiled by the authors, has no relation to magic.
Find an experienced mentor, expert in matters of magic, or do to a special school for those wishing to learn magic. Be careful when choosing both, as in this area, scammers are cashing in with special ease. Really learn magic in the schools in monasteries and author schools, conducting a rigorous selection and require from the student at the time of learning not to leave their territory.
Learn to concentrate on one thing, discarding all the rest, and quickly turn on and off attention. The most simple exercise - reading a book, oblivious to the entering and leaving of a room of people. Try with an effort of will to cause a variety of emotions such as anger, sadness, pain, delight. Introducing any object, the maximum materialise their imagination. You have to think in images, not words. The brighter and more realistic will be the picture, the faster you will learn the first magic tricks.
Do not neglect the study of psychology, astrology, aspects of the teachings of Feng Shui, methods of nonconventional medicine. Be sure to master the interaction with the runes and Tarot cards.
The success of rituals depends on your experience and buy it only possible with practice. It is best to start with simple plots from toothache, headache and other minor ailments. Do not threaten immediately to serious rituals.
If you have decided to learn magic at home, you will benefit from meditation. Learn the basic methods of divination and use them all. Guess is as often as possible, the results obtained record in a notebook and analyze. Once you get the hang of it on magic, divination, go to the practical magic. Follow from easy to difficult effortlessly. Illiterate ceremony can cause serious harm, so always follow the terms of the conspiracy.