Let's start with a method called "working eyes." To do this, choose a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. To you, nothing distracts from the process, disconnect the phone and other distracting items. The lights in the room off or create lighting. Now lie down on bed or sit in a favorite chair - how would you feel more comfortable and then close your eyes. With closed eyes try to see them as more as possible upwards, then the same way down. This exercise should be performed 15-20 times without much effort. Now do the same thing left and right.
Next, describe a circle eyes, rotating eyeballs clockwise and then counterclockwise. Now look straight ahead; then in the center - in the middle of his head; and in conclusion – a look back. After performing all these steps we still need some time to be with your eyes closed, feel your whole body. These exercises are best done early in the morning. The benefit ofgiving them the right to run your brain the area of the "third eye" gets a great massage, which is essential for the development of clairvoyance. Of course, these exercises need to constantly, or even periodically, to develop your "third eye".
We now turn to the way of developing gift of clairvoyance with the help of pictures. You will need a photograph of some familiar person. Put the photo on the Desk and begin to examine in detail this man. From time to time close your eyes and visually vossozdanie his image, and the more detailed it is, the better. All this must be done without straining, in a relaxed state. Then find a comfortable position and, leaning back, close your eyes. Ask yourself the question about this person that you would like to get an answer. Then listen to your inner voice (inner vision), that he will tell you. The exercise you will need a few days, paying him about half an hour. After that you need to meet this person and talk to him about recent developments during this time. Compare your answers with the events, which will tell your friend.
The following method is called pass-through "clairvoyance". Its history goes back several centuries, and with its help it was possible to "see" the secrets hidden from our physical view. For example, to know what was inside any objects. For this exercise you need to sit on a chair. In addition, you need to have in front of you at arm's length was the wall on which you will watch. Relax and bring your attention to a point located slightly above the level of your eyes. This is the location of the "third eye". You need to look, without blinking, for about 20 minutes. Next, look at the wall is defocused look as if you see it blurry. Look at it for 20 minutes. And then you need to "see" the same point, but just behind the wall, as if through. It is also 20 minutes. This exercise should be done every day.
The development of exercises for developing clairvoyance expands your consciousness and helps you to easily find unconventional ways out of problematic situations.