Who are the magicians

The magician is the man who possesses supernatural powers and is able to skillfully interact with the world. However, it is only in films and books for Teens for possession of magical powers wizards do not suffer. In life, unfortunately, have to pay for everything, and for the ability to cast at times, even incredibly overpriced, so it pays to think a thousand times before you become at this the hard way.

Become a magician in real life can practically everyone. The main condition is the presence of desire and belief. The comprehension of the magic is everyday work, which requires complete dedication and lack of fear. It is impossible to become a magician in one month. You have a long way to go before we see the first visible results.

If you are ready for the trials and difficulties and want to put my whole life on the altar of arcane knowledge, the first thing you need to do is find a good mentor who wants to share their skills.

You cannot begin to practice magic:

  • out of curiosity;
  • from scientific curiosity, with a view to its subsequent disclosure;
  • boredom and despair.

You sustained personal motivation and determination to persevere to the end, otherwise success does not wait.

How to find a good teacher.

It seems that it may be easier: open a paper and went for the announcement of some "hereditary healer in the fifteenth generation, possessing ancient knowledge and is able to put a spell on the entire family and to pass on their secret knowledge to anyone for a reasonable cost in a short time". But it is actually not just a Scam in this business the vast majority, but the real wizards, are able to pass on their knowledge, never advertise in the newspaper.

A real magician is looking for a student a very different way that is understandable to him alone. And if you firmly decide to take the path of knowledge of magic, your teacher will find you himself. How it will happen and where it will happen is unknown. To get a strong mentor, you need to attract the attention of mystical forces, as this is extremely risky.

How to attract the attention of magic powers

Start constantly thinking about magic and magic. You should have only one fondest wish – to become a real magician.

Practice meditation, spend more time in nature. All your thoughts should be focused on eternity, the infinity of the universe and the deep essence of things.

You will need to completely abandon bad habits – a true magician simply can not be a dependent person. Magic loves the fearless and strong people, the weak shouldn't be here.

You should completely rid your life from unnecessary fuss and affection, then magical powers, and will pay attention to you, and you will meet powerful mentor.