Published on the Internet equipment combat magic usually don't work for two reasons: first, in article not all the details. Second, the exercise of combat magic begin to work only after a fairly long mental and physical preparation. Weightlifter can perfectly know the technique, but if he has no power, heavy barbell he did not raise. And combat magic before to examine its specific techniques, you need a proper way to prepare the body and mind.
The basis of combat magic lies energy impact on the human body. To achieve the effect you need to have the necessary energy resources and have a well developed ability to visualize mental images. It is a clear visualization of the organs of the body of the opponent and what is happening with these changes allows the master to achieve the desired effect.
To accumulate the necessary energy resources use a few basic techniques. First of all, learn not to waste energy on empty talk, arguments, gossip, meaningless. Everything it touches your attention, pull your power. Limit TV viewing, especially empty entertainment. Revise the range of your interests and get rid of all the excess – that is, without which you will be able to do. You will not be able to accumulate energy if you will not cease its reckless spending.
Avoid stimulants, coffee, alcohol and energy drinks. Avoid foods, stuffed with preservatives and other additives. To practice combat magic Smoking not allowed. For a set of energy use breathing exercises from the Arsenal of yoga. It is very useful to perform a kata in the so-called "place of power" - a plot of land having an increased energy background. To find such a place is not easy, but it is possible.
Master the technique of visualization. Before sleeping already lying in bed, all the details to remember the day. If you play chess, learn to play them, visualizing in the mind of the chess Board and pieces. Exercise is fulfilled when you will clearly see the chessboard with all the pieces and can in mind to play a game of chess.
By increasing the levels of energy and develop the ability to visualize, move on to studying the specific techniques of combat magic you'll find on the Internet. But remember that any technology always has at least three keys. The articles are usually given one or two. To learn the third key can be used only when personal contact with a master, or restoring it yourself – the latter is possible only in case, if you have a good feel exercise and penetrated into its essence.