To bring tea stains without washing and boiling, take the stained white cloth of cotton or flax, then moisten the sponge in the ammonia solution and wipe with a sponge cloth.
Traces from tea rinse on cloth or paper, prepared in advance. After cleaning the fabric, prepare the citric acid solution in water at a concentration of 10%, and treat them cleared the place on the tablecloth. Leave the lemon solution on the cloth for 15 minutes, then rinse. Ammonia and citric acid help only if there is a clear need white natural fabric.
If you have stained tea colored cloth, prepare a solution of borax (10%) and separately prepare a weak solution of citric acid at a concentration of 5%. Add in the lemon solution a small amount of salt. Treat the fabric the solution of borax and citric acid, and then immediately rinse it in cold water.
More require careful care silk and wool fabrics. To eliminate such materials, tea stains, moisten a cotton swab in warm glycerin and wipe cloth. Wait 15 minutes and rinse the cloth in warm water and then dry on a towel. Two teaspoons of glycerin can be mixed with half a teaspoon of ammonia (10%), and this mixture to wipe the affected tissue.
Also the removal of tea stains proved oxalic acid. Mix a teaspoon of oxalic acid and two teaspoons of citric acid in a glass of water. Treat the cloth in the solution and rinse.