How to remove spots on the carpet

To the chances of success when cleaning the carpet increased, should pay attention to some General rules. And it does not matter which method you choose – a national or with the help of modern stain removers.

  • The first and most important rule is react on any dirt you need rapidly. Fresh stains usually remove much easier.
  • You should first remove the particles before and after coating. It must be done with a dry cloth or paper towels.
  • To avoid increasing the area of contamination, the cleaning of the hold from the edges to the center.
  • Do not apply detergent or stain remover directly on the carpet, enough to moisten a rag or sponge for cleaning.
  • So the pile of the carpet to keep intact, do not overdo it, wiping it.
  • Definitely after the stain is destroyed, treat the surface with a vacuum cleaner, or at least with a damp brush.

How to remove spots from ink

Ink stain or Biro sprinkling with salt, but only if the stain was put recently. Old same spot initially macerate with lemon juice or alcohol and then wash it with any detergent, simple soap and water.

There is another way: spray on the stain hairspray. The varnish dried, and then spot is cleaned by a brush that should be washed in a vinegar solution.

How to withdraw blood stains

For removing blood stains, first make the solution. A teaspoon of vinegar (better suited wine) and a teaspoon of detergent will dissolve in a liter jar of water. Cooked means apply it on the stain and allow it to dry completely. Then just vacuum.

The solution can be prepared without vinegar, and that will not force him to remove, remove ammonia. This is the way to remove stains from chocolate and juice.

How to remove stains from tea

Tea stains and also stains from coffee, cocoa, Coca-Cola removed ammonia. Just apply it on a sponge and wipe the contaminated area.

On liter of water, add tablespoon of glycerin and wipe the spots with this squad.

How to remove spots from wine

The wine stain is moistened with vinegar solution, then without fanaticism wiped with a sponge. You can first wipe the stain with a solution of detergent, then vinegar.

Folk remedy to removing stains from red wine a little surprise: it is recommended to pour the contaminated place white wine, then wash it with plain water and fill with salt.

You can still try to deal with wine stains, wiping them with ammonia.

How to get stains from oil

To remove greasy stains, you need sawdust impregnated with gasoline, and then sprinkle them on the carpet. In the absence of sawdust on hand, you can soak with gasoline and starch. If gasoline will not be in the right moment at hand, try to remove oil dissolved in water with detergent.

In a similar way we deduce from carpet stains from mayonnaise and other sauces.

How to remove gum

Before you remove from carpet chewing gum or wax, they should be frozen. On slick ice or snow, and then, the solidified substance is removed with a knife, just scraped off.

How to clean the carpet

Stains on the carpeting eliminated, it is possible to proceed directly to cleaning.

Cleaning carpets also divided into folk and modern chemical. First, let's talk about the second. In any hardware store such funds abound. This and all kinds of foam for cleaning carpets, and shampoos from different manufacturers. Using "chemistry" from the store, you can not only clean the dirt, freshen the carpet, but even to remove static electricity. Carpet after treatment looks so updated that comes the understanding that it is actually painted. The most popular brands of carpet cleaners "Cinderella" and Vanish.

Carpet cleaning by traditional methods involves:

  1. In summer, carpet in the street, winter is to clean it in the snow.
  2. The prepared solution of detergent to clean the coating with a sponge or brush.
  3. Sprinkle the carpet with coarse salt, then sweep it with a broom, pre-soaked in hot water.
  4. Wipe the carpet with a solution of vinegar: a tablespoon per quart of water. This will greatly refresh the coating.
  5. Ispita tea brew is a good way to clean dark carpet.

It should be noted that the self-cleaning of carpets and rugs with the help of vacuum cleaner is extremely undesirable. To remove moisture completely fail, and the raw coverage quickly stick the mud.