You will need
  • Brush
  • - Laundry soap
  • - Washing powder
  • - Warm and cold water
  • - Glycerin
  • - Ammonia
  • - Vinegar
  • Wat
Try to wash out tea stains immediately after they appear, if you have the opportunity. To do this, you must first moisten a clothes line brush and carefully wipe the contaminated area to remove surface tissue of the entire adhering welding. Then, prepare a warm solution of soap and add to it a little ammonia. Moreover, the ratio of water and ammonia should be 2:1. After washing stained clothing and complete removal of dirt, thoroughly rinse the product in warm and then in cold water.
Use glycerin to remove the shed on the fabric of tea. You can just wipe the contamination with a cotton swab dipped in a cleaning solution of 10 g of the specified pharmaceutical funds and 2.5 grams of ammonia. After cleaning, the product should be washed in warm water with detergent.
If tea stained fabric in white color or dyed fabric firmly, the glycerine can first be warmed and then spread it over the stain. When within 20-30 minutes the mask will transfer contamination and will penetrate woven fabrics, it is necessary to wash the thing in clean warm water.
If necessary to wash the tea stain from colored clothes you can use vinegar. Slightly podkislit them in cold water and carefully sasteria in her stained tea product.