You will need
  • Citric acid and a piece of soap, ammonia, and glycerol, oxalic acid and the hyposulphite solution, salt and borax.
A fresh trail of tea, you can delete it in several ways. First, moisten the stain with lemon juice. Second, acstyria it in the suds. If these two methods do not help, then soak a cotton wool in vodka and clean the spot.
Old stain, wipe a cotton swab soaked in a mixture of 1 tsp of 10% ammonia and 2 tsp.of glycerin.
On white cotton fabric print trace of tea 10% aqueous citric acid solution. Apply it for 10-15 minutes and rinse with water. Old tea stain on a white cloth remove the solution of oxalic acid (in a glass of water ½ tsp acid) or a hyposulphite solution (2 tsp per Cup of water). The product was then wash in soapy water, adding 2 tsp. of ammonia to 1 litre of water and rinse well.
If your favorite tablecloth spilled a Cup of tea (in the middle of a party), do not worry and hurried to pull her out from under the dishes. To the dry spot will start immediately without interrupting the occasion. Sprinkle regular table salt over time will change the portion of salt, and pour a new one. After the party, wipe the stain with ammonia (if your tablecloth is white).
Colored fabric with tea stain rinse in cold water, adding vinegar. Or prepare a 5% solution of citric acid (add little salt) and 10% solution of borax. Treat the fabric turns with citric acid and borax, then rinse the item in cold water.